Twenty Tones of Red

Twenty Tones of Red by Pauline Montford Read Free Book Online

Book: Twenty Tones of Red by Pauline Montford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Pauline Montford
still shamelessly watching her. He was well built for his age and looked quite tough and already she was imagining him dominating her. Perhaps he would take her away to a remote cabin and be really strict. She could already see scenes where he was making her dance naked for him and kneel and kiss his feet before he manhandled her and squeezed her in his strong arms. She liked the ideas a lot and some of them were to come true. 
    They started g oing out and it was her first grown up relationship, except there was a twist. For the first eleven months he wanted to keep it secret. She had mixed feelings about this arrangement. A hidden romance had built in drama and excitement but at the same time she wanted to show him off and be seen with him. She understood his reasons. Firstly it wasn’t very cool to be going out with one of his sister’s friends and secondly she was significantly younger than him.
    Looking back as an adult she also realised that if they’d had sex when she was fifteen the threat of time in prison must have felt very real for him, and perhaps too, as he was a decent sort, he had felt that it just wasn’t proper.
    They very quickly got to exploring their sexuality in o ther ways. He was the very first to touch her properly ‘down there’ and luckily for her all the experiences were positive. She had heard a host of bewildering accounts of course most of the pornography and forums on the Internet described sexual relations as relentlessly fiery exciting and satisfying. Some of the accounts from her girlfriends were slightly different and a lot of them admitted that their boyfriends’ advances often felt like fumblings which left them feeling confused and unsatisfied. She herself had started to become slightly concerned that there was too big a gap between fantasy and reality but her first few encounters with Simon put her mind to rest. She was thrilled by his touch and the way he held her and kissed her and they started to work through certain stages. She knew from the American teen movies and from all the classroom gossip the steps that couples went through in terms of intimacy and she seemed strangely compelled to follow them.
    In their first session of heavy snogging she allowed his hands to explore her breasts and buttock s but only through her clothes. She herself avoided touching his groin although she could feel that he was hard and excited. He respected her wishes and at the time that was the most important thing. Their second intimate session was on a babysitting assignment for a neighbour and this time she allowed him to remove her top and blouse and fondle and lick her breasts. The feelings were delicious and when his hand strayed to her crotch she was almost overwhelmed with the temptation to let him touch and rub her there.
    S he held back though. There was an order and some part of her feared the idea circulating that she was ‘easy’ or a ‘slag’. The series of bases and levels of intimacy seemed to be designed to prevent this. The protocol at school was that you went on a certain number of dates and reported your activity. Too little and you were dull or frigid, too much and although the other girls were eager to hear all the details she knew that the more jealous ones started to circulate rumours.
                  And the third serious date she let him touch her down there and found it thrilling. Her expectations had been low as so many of the girls had reported feeling disappointed but she wondered if perhaps Simon being a little bit older and more experienced had learned how to caress a woman with a little bit more finesse. She came very close to reaching an orgasm but held back because some part of her still felt it might have been embarrassing. On that occasion she also touched him although also held back from giving him complete release. That would be the next date she told herself. She reported her activities to her closest friends and they shared her pleasure and

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