Twisted Souls (The Alpha Boss Book 2)

Twisted Souls (The Alpha Boss Book 2) by Deva Long Read Free Book Online

Book: Twisted Souls (The Alpha Boss Book 2) by Deva Long Read Free Book Online
Authors: Deva Long
    “Do you smell smoke?” she whispered to him.
    “The smoke’s from me. Happens when I get excited.”
    Not at all relieved, she thought about what he meant and what to say next as he moved back away from her.
    “The choice?”
    “Oh, God, Caden, you’re driving me insane.”
    “Good. Sanity is overrated. Stay focused on the subject. This is also something we desire to develop in our staff, the ability to lean in to the difficult tasks during stressful times.”
    Right. The benefits of workplace corporal punishment. His favorite topic when he wasn’t playing with my emotions. And my parts.
    “Save it, Caden. You do this because you enjoy it.”
    “Of course I do. When I started at Darco, we hosted an erudite speaker. He told us to follow our passion and everything else would flow from that. Inspired, the founders decided to see if we could get greater efficiency in our own way…and we have. A full ten points better than ACME, which is the industry standard.”
    Slap. He hit her just with the tip of the cane. “Focus. Where do you want me to whip you?”
    Anna weighed her choices. Scars would leave her embarrassed every time she wore a swimsuit. She again dismissed quitting, she’d come too far. They’d come too far. The blow would hurt between her legs, but he was right, the wounds wouldn’t show.
    I’ve been a thief and a liar. I deserve his punishment.
    Harder, the cane fell on her thigh, though still just a tap compared to what she’d felt earlier.
    “Okay, what?”
    “Hit me between my legs with the cane, asshole!”
    “Good choice, sweetheart. Have you watched much porn?”
    She had been holding her eyes tight shut, bracing against the coming storm. His non-sequitur made them flash open. “Wha….I’ve seen some.”
    “Some of the stars have quite tumescent pussies. Increased labial swelling can be a result of being caned there.” Her slit recoiled at the touch, but then pleasure shot up into her brain when his finger, not his cane, stroked her there.
    “You have such nice, modest lips now. A very compact package.”
    He kept rubbing and her clit hardened at the attention. Anna sighed and pushed against his hand. “Feels nice.”
    Hot flesh pressed her skin. He blew into her ear, sending shivers up and down her body.
    “I’m going to enjoy seeing if your lips become enlarged.”
    The idea should not have turned her on. Earlier today, the image or her sensitive parts being caned would have resulted in her running screaming for the hills. But now, in the movie in her mind, her lips shook under the blows, and swelled. Her pussy grew, distended and Caden pulled her around by her labia like a dog on a leash.
    Back in real life, he kept up the strokes with his fingers, pushing one in. He pressed forward, finding a new spot inside her. A novel sensation crashed into her, not like when he rubbed her clit, but like she had to pee. The feeling took over her whole pelvis. She pushed back down on him as he kept whispering about how the cane would change her pussy.
    Anna clamped down on the rungs of the ladder and screamed with a throaty tone she’d never made before. Liquid splashed down her thighs.
    Squirting, I’m squirting. I’ve heard of women coming and releasing gouts of liquid, but never imagined it was possible.
    The metal rattle filled the room with a back-beat to her cries. Twisting and tugging against the bonds, her world shook and she didn’t want the feeling to stop. Caden kept up his infernal friction, he must have three fingers in her now and another was somehow pressing into her rectum. Humming like a well-played guitar, she pushed her body up and down on his hand, lost in passion. Waves of pleasure rocked up from her crotch and her mind played images that were becoming crazier and dirtier every second, with Caden licking her, fucking her, whipping her, all rolled into one.
    At the end, the whole company watched. Anna saw herself shaking and rolling and gibbering

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