Unbreakable Together: A New Adult Romance Novel

Unbreakable Together: A New Adult Romance Novel by Amanda Chayse Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Unbreakable Together: A New Adult Romance Novel by Amanda Chayse Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Chayse
swept over my body and back to my lips. His arousal grew at the sight of me. His heated gaze burned my skin and ran right down to my center. I pressed my hands into his chest and planted kisses across it, circling and licking his nipple. Devon’s breathing turned ragged while his hands moved over the curves of my body.
    He nibbled at my ear before wandering down my neck, scraping his teeth and kissing me down to my shoulder. I responded with a groan of pleasure. He hooked his thumbs into my jeans and slowly slipped them down to the floor with my panties.
    We stood in front of a full-length mirror in the bathroom. Devon held me close, staring at me in the mirror and running his hands over my tender breasts. His hand guided mine over my body as he whispered in my ear. “I am so glad that I have use of both my hands right now.” His hands kneaded and fondled my breasts while I moaned. I ran my fingers over his cheek and square jaw as he touched me.
    He ran his nose along my neck and kissed me. “Do you see why you have so little competition? Do you see how incredibly stunning you are, Erin?”
    I just moaned from his touch.
    Devon scraped his teeth on my neck, tasting me and gently clasping the skin on my shoulder between his bare teeth while his hands moved over my stomach and to my waist.
    “I want y ou—in the shower,” he breathed in my ear. “It’s been so long since I could touch you, and take a shower with both arms. I may as well do both now.” He fondled my breasts. His hands moved over mine, moving them over my body and slowly back up to my breasts while he gazed at me in the mirror. He pinched my nipples with his index finger and thumb, and I whimpered and arched my back in delight.
    I turned to him and lifted my head as my eyes met his. My needy hands returned to him, running my hands down his chest, to the smooth muscles of his stomach, to his jeans. I unbuttoned his jeans and slid them over his boxer briefs now strained from his arousal. I pulled his jeans down his muscular, long legs, and tossed them to the floor with my clothes. I smiled as I pulled down his boxer briefs and tossed them to the side.
    Devon stepped into the showe r and held his hand out for me as beads of water bounced off the hard muscles of his chest and arms. I grabbed his hand and scooted into his chest as the water sluiced around his large body. I felt the rippling muscles of his rock-hard body, devouring the soft skin over the hard muscles of his chest and stomach with my hands.
    “You’re not even wet yet!” He laughed as I pressed into his chest, still dry. Devon quickly turned me into the water and I yelped. “There, now we’re both wet.” He smiled as rivulets of water streamed down our faces. Devon reached for the soap as the warm water massaged and soothed us in the shower. “Now, the real reason I’m glad my hands are free,” he said with a spirited grin.
    “ You’re so bad.” I smiled while my eyes took in his chiseled body.
    “You bring out the worst in me. I can’t help myself,” he growled in a husky tone. His naked chest shimmered in the water. The eroticism of the moment scorched every inch of me and caused heat to stir in my center while the warm water caressed and massaged my body.
    Devon’s eyes raked over me and lingered on my firm breasts as he lathered soap in his hands. He pressed his soapy hands to my swelling breasts, pinching my nipples and massaging each breast. He was fully erect as I responded and whimpered from his touch.
    Devon pressed into me, spreading scorching hot kisses down my neck, his tongue lapping up beads of water. I squirmed at the heavenly sensations on my neck and breasts.
    I reached down to his hardening member, touching him for the first time, wrapping my hand around his throbbing shaft, feeling the silky skin around his steely, pulsing core.
    I moved my hand back and forth, thrusting my hand as Devon continued to massage and fondle my breasts. I marveled at his thickness

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