Unbreakable Together: A New Adult Romance Novel

Unbreakable Together: A New Adult Romance Novel by Amanda Chayse Read Free Book Online

Book: Unbreakable Together: A New Adult Romance Novel by Amanda Chayse Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Chayse
back to Robbie.
    “Do you guys know anything about that?” Matt clenched his fists.
    Steve s wallowed and hit Robbie’s chest with his fist. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”
    “See ya , dude. Good luck with the rest of the season.” As Robbie turned around, Matt reached for the bat resting on Robbie’s shoulder.
    “Give me the fucking bat , dude. What the fuck!” Robbie’s eyes grew wide.
    Matt easily tore the bat from Robbie’s hands and pushed him against the locker with a powerful thrust of his arm. Robbie’s body clamored against the locker doors.
    Devon looked up from the other end of the hall. “Matt!”
    “What the fuck are you doing?” Steve’s eyes widened with shock.
    “Taking care of business. Isn’t this how you boys do it?” Matt said with a clenched jaw and wide eyes. Matt’s massive arms swung the bat towards Robbie’s groin, checking his swing as he spoke. “Practice,” he snarled.
    “Give me the fucking bat .” Robbie approached him. Matt pushed him back to the locker with his massive arm, ramming Robbie backwards and jarring his head against the lockers. Matt picked up the bat and swung full force towards Robbie’s head. The bat flew towards Robbie and crushed the vents on top of the locker only inches from his head.
    “Damn, I missed .” Matt’s wide, crazed grin betrayed his deadpan eyes. A vein throbbed visibly by his temple.
    Devon was running towards Matt now. “Matt, stop it!”
    “Dude, what the fuck!” Steve took a step backwa rds as Matt swung the bat again. The bat hurtled down towards Robbie, smashing into the locker and narrowly missing his head.
    “Goddamn it, I need more practice.” Matt’s eyes were demented with rage as he turned his gaze to Steve. “Don’t you think?”
    “Dude, we’re cool with Devon , man. Talk to him—you’ll see.” Steve pleaded as he extended his arm towards Devon running towards them. “This isn’t cool, man. You’re gonna fuck everything up,” Steve huffed.
    Matt grabbed him by the scruff of his collar and threw him against the locker doors. Steve placed his hands in front of him in a defensive posture.
    “You know , Steve, it seems you already fucked everything up.” Matt glared at Steve and gripped the bat. His eyes remained wild with rage. He swung the bat towards Steve’s head. The bat came down towards him and smashed in the steel hinge just inches above his head.
    Devon approached Matt. “ Matt! Matt! What the fuck are you doing? Put the bat down. Goddammit, Matt!”
    Matt turned briefly towards Devon before turning his attention back to St eve, who was now stumbling backwards towards the double exit doors with his eyes wide and fixed on Matt. Matt gripped the bat with one hand and threw it at him. The bat hurtled down the hall towards Steve, just missing his legs by a few feet. The bat clamored down the hall as it revolved and banged off the floor and walls into the distance. Matt stared at Robbie and then Steve as they froze. “Stay away from our team, motherfuckers. Next time I won’t miss.”
    Robbie picked up his glove by the locker and scurried down the hall with Steve. They burst through the double exit doors, one on each side, and ran into the parking lot, not looking back.
    Matt leaned against the locker and looked down at the floor.
    “Holy shit, dude, what the fuck?” Devon ran his fingers over the dent in the lockers.
    “T hose fuckers deserved to get pummeled with a bat.” Matt looked up at Devon. “I just wanted to scare the shit out of them. But if they gave me a reason, fuck yeah, I would do it,” he snarled through clenched teeth. “I would fucking do it,” he repeated, regaining his composure.
    “You certainly succeeded in scaring the shit out of them,” Devon gasped. “Are you okay?”
    “Yeah. I had to get that out of my system. I’m glad I ran into them,” he sneered.
    “Holy shit, dude. Let’s go grab something to eat. It’ll make you feel better.” Devon hit Matt on

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