Undeniable by Abby Reynolds Read Free Book Online

Book: Undeniable by Abby Reynolds Read Free Book Online
Authors: Abby Reynolds
Tags: Romance, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary, Contemporary Fiction
    Surgery was looking like a greater possibility.
    I avoided such drastic measures as much as possible. No matter how simple a procedure was, it was still surgery, and the side effects were usually worse than the procedure itself. She could get an infection or worse. In terms of medicine, I was a conservative. I always postponed serious decisions as long as possible, hoping something else would come up.
    I walked inside and began my work.
    She didn’t look happy to see me. She glanced at me then ignored me.
    “Hello, Mrs. Patelo.” I said it right this time.
    Her eyes turned to me. “Wow. You finally remembered.”
    I smiled. “Or did you prefer the other name?”
    “What do you think?” she challenged.
    I got to work and took care of my patient. When I sat on my stool at the foot of the bed, I checked the swelling of her leg. It was still greater than I wanted it to be. In my line of sight, I noticed the book on her nightstand. It was untouched.
    I pulled her gown back down and made my notes. Then I stood up. “Is there anything you need before I leave?”
    Here it comes.
    She stared at the soap opera on the TV. The volume wasn’t working so she was watching the subtitles. “No.”
    No? She wasn’t going to bug me?
    “Bye, Dr. James.”
    Okay. That was too easy.
    She seemed down today. “Mrs. Patelo, is there something on your mind?”
    She shrugged. “I’m stuck in the hospital. That’s about it.”
    I flipped through her chart quickly. “Where’s Mr. Patelo?”
    “He died a few years ago.” She said it without sadness, just calm acceptance.
    “Oh. Your children?”
    She was quiet for a while. “I don’t have any children.”
    “I thought you said you have a granddaughter?”
    “I do. Actually, I have two. But their parents are worthless and horrible people. I want nothing to do with them, and they better not come near my grandbabies.” She said it calmly, without any rage.
    I didn’t realize she was so lonely. I sat back down on the stool. Silence stretched for a while as I sat beside her. The pity rose in my heart, something I hadn’t felt in a long time.
    Then I grabbed the book on her nightstand. “Can I read to you?”
    For the first time, she smiled at me. “I would love that.”
    I examined the cover. “ Harry Potter ?”
    “It’s one of my favorite books.”
    “I’ve never read it.”
    “Now you will.”
    I smiled then opened the book. Then I began to read.
    She stared at my face while I read through the pages. The reading level was low, so it was easy to get through. I felt awkward at first but it became more natural as time went by.
    When I got a page from my supervising physician, I shut the book. “I have to go.”
    “Okay. Thank you for reading to me, Dr. James.”
    I smiled. “No problem.”
    She kept staring at me. “I don’t believe the façade you put on. You act like you don’t care about anyone but yourself but I know it isn’t true. Deep down inside, you’re a sweetheart.”
    This woman was more observant than I gave her credit for. “Don’t tell anyone.” I gave her a wink.
    “Why don’t you want anyone to know?” Her voice became serious.
    I shrugged, not responding.
    “Come on. You can tell me, dear.”
    I didn’t know this lady very well, but I felt strangely comfortable around her. She was honest and blunt but she was also gentle and loving, very maternal. Plus, she didn’t know who I was, and after her visit was over, I’d never see her again. “I guess I don’t want anyone to like me.”
    She examined my face, watching every time I blinked and every time I breathed. “Why?”
    “Because if they like me, they’ll get close to me.”
    “And what’s bad about that?”
    “Because if you care about someone, they can hurt you.” It was something I knew too well. “If you’re never close with anyone, you’ll be safe.”
    “Who hurt you?”
    Why was I telling this lady this? “My sister…something horrible happened to her. I was

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