Undeniable (A Country Roads Novel)

Undeniable (A Country Roads Novel) by Shannon Richard Read Free Book Online

Book: Undeniable (A Country Roads Novel) by Shannon Richard Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shannon Richard
the space between them and came up behind her. He put his hand over hers and stopped her vicious pumping. “Grace,” he said in a low voice, “I’ve never once believed everything was about me. And you damn well know it.”
    Grace took a deep breath, her shoulders rising and falling.
    “I’m sorry, Jax. I was thinking about my mom,” she whispered before she pulled her hand out from underneath his. She grabbed her mug from the counter and carried both steaming cups of coffee over to where they kept the cream and sugar.
    Well, damn. Claire was a tough subject for Jax to dwell on. She’d always treated him and Shep like her sons, too. And for Jax, Claire had been the mother he’d never had.
    “I’m sorry, Grace,” he said softly.
    She was silent as she fixed both cups of coffee. But after a moment, the stubborn set of her shoulders fell and she sighed. “I just miss her,” she said barely above a whisper.
    “Grace,” he said, reaching for her, but she turned quickly and pushed him away before he could touch her.
    “I’ll be okay. Talking about her is only going to make me more upset right now,” she said as she grabbed a cap on the stand and snapped it down on the to-go cup. “Here you go,” she said, holding it out for him.
    “You know this isn’t why I came?” he asked, taking the cup from her. “I want to know why you got upset last night.”
    “It isn’t important,” she said as she grabbed the handle of her mug and walked around him. She pushed through the door to the kitchen and disappeared again.
    She was infuriating. Not one to give up, Jax followed her. He was going to get an answer from her before he left.
    “Is this your new tactic?” Jax asked, setting his cup down on the counter and folding his arms across his chest. “Avoidance?”
    “It’s worked out just great for you,” she mumbled as she tossed some scones in a bag. No doubt for him to take when he left.
    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
    Grace threw the bag down onto the counter and looked up at him. “Are you honestly going to stand there and tell me that this clueless persona you have going on is the real deal? Are you honestly going to tell me that you have no idea?”
    “No idea about what?”
    “You want to know why I got upset last night?” Grace asked, marching over to him. “Why it infuriates me that you treat me like a little sister?” she shouted, shoving his chest hard. He was surprised by it and he fell a step backward. “I don’t have sisterly feelings for you, Jaxson; I don’t and I never will. But you’re too blind and stubborn to see what’s standing right in front of you!”
    It was then Jax did the most impulsive thing he’d ever done in his life. He knew exactly where the impulse came from; he’d had the desire for years. He just wasn’t sure how the overwhelming need overran all of his sense. He grabbed Grace before he even realized what he was doing. He gripped her elbows and brought her body flush up against his. His mouth came down hard on hers. She inhaled, startled, and Jax took full advantage of the tiny opening of her mouth, dipping his tongue in and finding hers.
    Holy shit.
    Never in his life had Jax kissed a girl and felt like his whole body was on fire, burning from the inside out. This was incredible, like nothing he’d ever known. She was warm, and sweet, and soft. How could the inside of someone’s mouth feel this way? Taste this good?
    Grace sighed in pleasure as her body relaxed against his. Her arms wound around his neck. He wrapped his hands around her waist as he walked her backward. When her back hit the counter he put his hands on her bottom and pulled her up to sit on top of it, their mouths never breaking.
    Holy shit, his hands were on Grace’s ass. Her perfect, incredible ass.
    Her shoes hit the floor a second before she pulled her legs around him, her bare feet running up the back of his thighs. Her hands were on his chest, as one of his pulled out the

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