Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos

Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos by Carolyn LaRoche Read Free Book Online

Book: Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos by Carolyn LaRoche Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carolyn LaRoche
disposition changed instantly. He couldn’t resist a come on, no matter how annoyed he was with her. “You want to play doctor, do you?”
    “Yes, Dr. Mills. Once you fix me up, I might need a sponge bath.” Cyndi fluttered her eyelashes at her husband.
    “I know what you are doing. You are trying to distract me with sex so I won’t talk about how you should quit this job of yours.”
    “And why would I do such a thing?”
    “Because you know it will work.”
    “Is it working?”
    Jason grinned like the horny teenage boy he had never stopped being on the inside. “Of course it is.”
    Scooping her up, he carried her all the way to the door of their bedroom, kissing her, his tongue exploring her mouth intently. By the time he had her on the bed, Cyndi had forgotten that her ankle hurt at all.
    An hour and a half later, her foot finally wrapped in an Ace bandage, Cyndi tried to tip-toe out of the bedroom, after which she hobbled back to the living room where her laptop sat on an end table.
    She thought about the note on her car. If she showed it to Jason, she would have to tell him more than she was prepared to. More than ever, Cyndi needed to keep her job so that she could try and figure out what had happened to Jade.
    “You’re not a cop, Cyndi,” she muttered as she watched the computer sputter awake. “What makes you think you can solve a crime?”
    Had a crime even taken place?
    Cyndi logged in to her favorite social networking group and sent an invitation to her friends to join her for a chat using her usual greeting.
    Cyndi: Hello, ladies! It’s three in the morning, do you know where your husbands are?
    Diana: Donnie’s at a fatal house fire.
    Cyndi: Oh no! I’m so sorry, Di! Officer or civilian?
    Diana: Elderly gentleman. Collapsed in the hallway about three feet from the front door.
    Angela: That’s terrible, Diana! My honey is off tonight, he is sound asleep and now I am glad.
    Jessy: Yeah, mine’s home tonight too, thankfully.
    Angela: How was work tonight, Cyndi? Jason go with you?
    Cyndi: You know he didn’t! Good thing too. Some drunk dude jumped up on the stage and knocked me over. Twisted my ankle up pretty good.
    Jessy: OMG! What did you tell Jason?
    Cyndi: That I tripped and twisted my ankle. The truth—sort of.
    Angela: Did you have to go to the hospital?
    Cyndi: Nah, Jason wrapped it up with a bandage and then took my mind off it for a while.
    Diana: Damn, Cyn! You two go at it like a couple of newlyweds!
    Cyndi: You’re just jealous!
    Diana: How could I be jealous? Donnie and I do it every Friday night at 9:30 p.m. LOL
    Angela: OMG you two are awful! I would settle for a night when we both slept in the bed together! These opposite shifts are killing us! Whenever I work, he is off and when I am off…he is working…yay for civil service work.
    Jessy: Back to the ankle…Cyndi will you still be able to work?
    Cyndi: I will take it easy for a couple of days and then I will be fine. Besides, I have to get back to the club.
    Angela: Why?
    Cyndi: One of the girls has disappeared. No one will say anything, but I know someone knows something. The cops were there but she is a teenage runaway so no one will pursue it.
    Diana: If she is a teenager what is she doing dancing at Sugar Shakers?
    Cyndi: Her ID says she is twenty-one but I wouldn’t peg her for a day over seventeen.
    Jessy: Ohhhh…I can’t even begin to imagine what her life must have been like to make her run.
    Angela: Are you going to tell Jason to look into it?
    Cyndi: Um…no…
    Diana: Your job is more important than this little girl?
    Cyndi: No, but my marriage is. Jason won’t understand my job.
    Jessy: Ha. That’s an understatement! Exotic dancing isn’t tactically sound.
    Cyndi: LOL Hey, we do have a security guard at the door. No one messes with Rafael or he might go all Cuban drug dealer on

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