Undying Desire

Undying Desire by Jessica Lee Read Free Book Online

Book: Undying Desire by Jessica Lee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Lee
her. “What does it mean?”
    “Nothing.” Guerin shrugged.
    Eve met his stare. “I doubt it.”
    A cocky grin tilted the corner of this mouth. “Then why don’t you use some more of your fancy mind mojo, take a look inside my head, and find out for yourself?”
    Eve curled her fingers into a tight fist. “You know very well none of this would be necessary if it weren’t for the literal force field you’ve erected inside that skull of yours.”
    The vampire shot to his feet and launched toward the bars. She almost leaped back, but caught herself when he stopped a breath away from the metal.
    “If you can’t get what you want, beautiful, then why haven’t you killed me?” His gaze narrowed on hers, the dark-amber irises near molten with heat.
    Beautiful? The word echoed inside her head, setting off a tornado of reactions. Physical and emotional. Her breath quickened. Other men had used flattery in the past in an attempt to get what they wanted. But none of it had held the power of Guerin’s voice uttering that one simple word.
    Jesus…did he actually mean it?
    Oh my God. Stop it, Eve.
    Why did she even care? He was a spy. Had to be. A mercenary sent by Seth Keller to either capture or kill her. No other explanation made sense as to why Guerin was searching for Eve.
    “I don’t kill unless I have a very good reason.” Eve turned away from the cell. Maybe if she didn’t stare at him, she could think with a level head. He did have a point. What the hell was she going to do with him? She couldn’t break down the wall in his mind. God knew she’d tried. And obviously pain would not force him to give her answers. Another scene like the previous one they’d shared and she might not be able to resist sampling everything he had to offer. Eve swallowed, trying to regain some moisture in the barren landscape inside her mouth.
    “Then maybe you’re not so much like your mother, after all.”
    Eve whipped around, her heart a frozen knot in her chest. “What did you just say?”
    “I said, maybe you’re not your mother’s daughter. Because Marguerite would have already killed me.”
    Oh, God… He did work for Seth. The hard lump behind her sternum tightened into a painful throb. Rage washed over her in a drenching tidal wave. Eve flung herself toward him and grabbed the bars, rattling the cage.
    “You admit it?” she yelled. “You’re one of Seth Keller’s spies.” Shit. Why did being right have to hurt so damn bad?
    “That’s not what you heard. I’m familiar with the name, though. It pays to know whose territory you’re treading on when passing through. But he’s not the master I serve.” Guerin never flinched. He stood there, his expression stoic. “You keep berating me to admit I’m his informant.” His gaze narrowed. “Yet why do I get the feeling it’s the last thing you want to hear?”
    Eve started to open her mouth and slam him with a harsh retort, but realized at the last second that she didn’t have a clue how to respond. He couldn’t read her that well—could he? She hadn’t even admitted it to herself. He didn’t know a damn thing about her or what she wanted.
    “You don’t have a clue—” A loud crash from above cut off her remaining words. She spun and ran for the stairs.
    “What is it?” Guerin called out behind her.
    She was about to find out and didn’t have time for twenty questions. Eve’s home was located directly behind her club and outside the city limits. The property was somewhat isolated, which was exactly how she liked it. Any unexpected noise or disturbance in her house meant one thing only: trouble.
    Taking the stairs in a burst of preternatural speed, Eve made it to the top of the thirty wooden treads faster than a human could have taken two. And came to an abrupt halt.
    The scent was unmistakable. Laughter and the sound of multiple voices penetrated the walls, followed by more shattering glass and the clatter of objects slamming onto the

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