Unexpected by Meg Jolie Read Free Book Online

Book: Unexpected by Meg Jolie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Meg Jolie
I had the house to myself. And her parents would be getting home from work any time. But before I could do that, I started wondering if Tristan was home. While the logical part of me knew I shouldn’t be wondering that, that it shouldn’t make a difference…it didn’t stop me from wanting to know. Once the thought lodged itself in my head, I couldn’t get it out.
    Not that much later, I was once again traipsing through the snow.
    I rang the doorbell as I let myself in. Instead of Moonlight Sonata I was met with a different kind of melody.
    I recognized the song from the CD he’d given me. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I remembered the name. But the lyrics were familiar. As soon as my winter gear was properly stashed away, I followed the sound of his voice.
    I didn’t have to go far. Just around the corner to the kitchen.
    Tristan was singing away, his ear buds in, feeding him the music he may or may not need. I was sure he hadn’t heard the doorbell chiming. I perched myself against the archway of the kitchen door, waiting for him to see me. When he did, he just smiled, as he walked toward me, still singing.
    If it were me caught singing? I’d be humiliated beyond words. Especially without any background music to drown out the sound of my voice. However, I realized Tristan’s voice was just another part of his perfection. I realized then that yes, I thought Tristan was perfect in more ways than one. With that perfect voice he walked toward me, still singing. If it were me, I’d have instantly sealed my lips shut. But I have a singing voice of…well… me . And it’s not pretty.
    It’s not even tolerable.
    When he was in front of me, he turned his music off and took the ear buds out.
    “Aerosmith?” I wondered.
    “Good guess,” he affirmed. “Can you narrow it down?”
    “ Sweet Emotion ?” I asked without having to give it too much thought.
    He grinned back , looking as though he were proud of me.
    The look on his face made me want to laugh. Tristan took his music seriously.
    “I didn’t know you were coming over,” he admitted. “I thought with your mom gone, you were looking forward to being home alone.”
    I nodded. “I was. But Jamie just asked me to come over so I thought I would. For a while, anyway.”
    “Are you doing anything tomorrow night?” he wondered.
    I bit my lip and raised my eyebrows. I wasn’t. I had no real plans for the weekend. Did I want him to know that? It might depend on why he was asking.
    When I hesitated he started talking again. “Jamie and I got a stack of new releases for Christmas. Evan’s out of town visiting family, or something. Our parents are going to some after-Christmas party. We haven’t heard of anything else going on. So Jamie and I thought we’d probably be watching a few of the new movies.” He shrugged like it was no big deal. Probably because it wasn’t. I watched movies with them all the time. “You can come over if you want. If you get bored with being home all alone.”
    “Maybe,” I said. “I’ll think about it.” It didn’t surprise me that he and Jamie had plans. As much as she pretended to dislike her brother, I knew she really didn’t.
    “Well,” he said with a casual shrug. “We’ll be here. So come on over anytime. I mean, if you decide you want to.”
    “I’ll let you know,” I told him.
    I got a smile in response. I knew then that I’d be joining them but I kept that to myself.
    Instead, I peered around him, at the mess I’d caught a glimpse of when I’d walked in. There was a disaster spread across the countertop.
    “Watcha making?” I asked, though I thought I knew.
    “Whipped cream,” he told me with a frown as he turned back around to look at it.
    That’s what I’d suspected.
    “It’s not going well?” I wondered.
    He shook his head and made an annoyed face. “ We have all this pie left over and I wanted a piece. Mom said there was whipped cream in the fridge. I thought that stuff

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