Unforgettable by Abby Reynolds Read Free Book Online

Book: Unforgettable by Abby Reynolds Read Free Book Online
Authors: Abby Reynolds
bedroom by one of them. He…held me down and did what he did. But then his friends did it too. I was tied up and gagged. I was too weak to fight—”
    “Stop.” He raised his hand, silencing me. His eyes were closed.
    My heart ached, knowing this would be too much for him.
    A tear emerged from one eye then fell down his cheek. He took a deep breath then steadied his emotions. When he opened his eyes again, they were red and wet. “How many?”
    He took another deep breath, like he was stabbed.
    Seeing the pain on his face made more tears fall. “I’m sorry…”
    He ran his hand through his hair, clearly flustered. Then he turned around, hiding his face from me. His chest rose and expanded with his heavy breathing. I’d never seen him lose his control like this.
    I knew he wouldn’t be able to look past this. Who would? I was practically a communicable ashtray to a bunch of college students. Whenever I thought about it, I shook with pain.
    Scotty turned back around, a little calmer. “Livia…”
    Here it is. He’s going to walk away.
    “I’m so sorry.” The sincerity was in his eyes. “That never should have happened.”
    I swallowed the lump in my throat.
    He wrapped his arm around my waist then pulled me to his chest, nuzzling his face into my neck. He breathed hard, just holding me. “I’m sorry.”
    “I know…”
    He squeezed me a little harder. “Now everything makes sense…”
    I closed my eyes while he held me.
    He pulled away then pressed his lips to my forehead. I inhaled deeply, loving the intimate touch we used to share. “Thank you for telling me.”
    “Please don’t tell anyone else,” I begged.
    “I won’t.”
    I loosened my arms around his waist then stepped back. “I should go…”
    Confusion spread across his face then he grabbed my hip, squeezing me. “This changes nothing, Livia.” The love burned in his eyes. “You are mine. And I am yours.”
    “You…still want me?”
    “Of course.” He pulled me back to his chest. “And not just now. But forever.”
    I didn’t know what I did to get the love of one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met. He made me feel safe. He loved me even though I was broken. He didn’t judge me for what happened. He saw me as untarnished, unbroken. He brought me back to life every time he touched me.
    Scotty scooped me into his arms and carried me into his house. Without asking, I knew where we were going. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he took me into his bedroom. Once he put me on the bed, he took off his shirt and his jeans, not bothering to put on sweatpants. He grabbed a shirt and handed it to me. “Put this on.” He walked out and shut the door.
    Slowly, I took off my clothes, feeling numb. Scotty still wanted to be with me. He still loved me. He wasn’t turning his back on me. When he looked at me, he didn’t see them.
    I got his shirt on then lay in his bed, letting the stress leave my body. Scotty returned then moved under the sheets. He wrapped his body around mine, caging me like a bird. He pulled me closer even though I was as close as I could get. His hand massaged my back through my shirt.
    Nothing was said. Scotty stared at me, the sadness heavy in his eyes.
    I stared back at him, memorizing the face I missed so much.
    “Livia, you’re going to be okay.”
    No one had ever said that to me. Everyone always asked what was wrong with me. They said I was a freak, a loser. They said I made bad decisions, that I deserved every bad thing that ever happened to me. “You think so?”
    He gave me a firm look. “I know so.”

    Livia dropped a bomb on me—a nuclear one.
    I was devastated thinking one guy took advantage of her, but five? My head was about to explode. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this angry. I wanted to demolish the house. Shit, I wanted to destroy the whole fucking neighborhood.
    I hid my anger from her. She only saw my sadness, which was just as prominent as

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