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added thoughtfully, ‘You sound as if you expected me to be a bit of a rebel.’
    ‘Now as I hardly know you that would be an irrational and a snap judgment.’ Davina sat silently, feeling as if she had been deftly put in her place as Rex went on, ‘You have a very interesting family. Have I met them all now?’
    At least he wasn’t going to pursue the truant bit, Davina thought with relief as she answered, ‘All the immediate family, yes. We’ve some distant Brehm cousins, but I hardly know them. What did you think of the beauty of the family, my cousin Miranda?’ There was no reply and she rushed on, ‘Being such a dishy girl she’s much in demand and I think family gatherings rather bore her. I expect she’s had to give up quite a few pressing engagements to come for Grandmother's birthday celebrations, so it wouldn't be surprising if she were a bit fed up.’
    ‘Is she? I hadn’t noticed.'
    Davina glanced at Rex through the corner of her eye. Did the ambiguous remark mean he too had spotted how Miranda’s eyes had lit up at the sight of a fresh face? She asked carefully, ‘You mean you don’t feel she's wasting her time coming to Gran’s birthday party? Miranda thinks so, believe me.’ She sighed. ‘I guess she’s used to a lot of flattery from the opposite sex and I’m afraid James and Paul won’t pander to her whims. Sorry if that sounds catty.’
    ‘I meant I hadn’t noticed she was bored. She sat opposite me during lunch and never stopped talking. In any event, I hadn't placed her as the beauty of the family. Your sister holds that tide, or as she matures.'
    Davina's face softened. ‘Do you know, you’re the second person in the last day who’s told me that. I’m so used to Catrin it had never occurred to me how lovely she’d grown until James said almost the same thing last evening.' Then as Rex did not reply but turned on to the motorway she asked as the car speeded up, ‘Where are we going?'
    ‘Your Uncle Giles told me there's a hotel on the Burgenstock where there's a swimming pool and the views are pretty spectacular. He assures me it’s near enough to spend the afternoon there and still be back in good time for. the party this evening and was good enough to tell me how to get there. The bulge in your bag suggested you’d equipped yourself for all eventualities, so I didn’t bother to ask if you’d brought togs.’
    Davina, a faint flush in her cheeks, turned to look squarely at the clear profile of the man beside her before dropping her glance to the strong brown hands holding the wheel. Catrin was right—beneath the calm exterior Rex hid a complex character. She said lightly however in reply, ‘Trust Uncle Giles to know every five-star hotel within miles! But thank you for inviting me to share your afternoon’s expedition. All those visitors this morning were a bit much.’
    The hotel was the epitome of luxury, more like a grand country house than an hotel. When the car was driven off by a uniformed porter Davina followed Rex into the foyer, looking with awe at the opulent rococo-style decoration and furnishings while he enquired if they might have tea and use the pool.
    They were shown through the gardens to where the swimming pool and changing rooms were concealed from the hotel by banks of flowers, and when the waiter had departed with their order Davina chuckled. ‘It won’t be at all the sort you’re used to. I’m sure they don’t serve tea-bags in hot water in Australia.’
    Rex turned to face her and smiled straight down into her eyes. As Davina’s breath caught in a quick gasp and her pulses raced he said in his deep, soothing voice, ‘Don’t fret. Apart from yesterday when Catrin made the tea, I haven’t drunk a decent cup since I came to Europe. You should try the kind we make back home, especially at some of our out camps. Until you’ve sampled that, I reckon you haven’t tasted tea.’
    As he finished speaking the waiter placed a tray on the table

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