Until I Met You

Until I Met You by Jaimie Roberts Read Free Book Online

Book: Until I Met You by Jaimie Roberts Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jaimie Roberts
    Shelly slunk back in her chair and took a deep breath.  I started to wonder about whether I could find a ‘go to’ guy now that I’m living here.  That really does sound awful.
    I regarded Shelly for a moment as she twiddled with an elastic band.  “Are you originally from London?”
    Shelly straightened her posture.  “Yes, I was born and bred in Battersea.  I love the London life, but pretty soon when I meet someone and settle down, I don’t think living here is going to be an option bringing up children.  That’s my opinion anyway.  I’d probably want to move just outside, somewhere like Surrey, Enfield, or Kingston Upon Thames.”  She smiled at me and paused for a moment.  “So what about you?  Cornwall girl born through and through?  Did you break any hearts to be up here with us?”
    Leaning over the desk, I nodded.  “Yep, born in Cornwall and most of my family are there.  They didn’t want me to come, but I’d rather try and think of my career at the moment.  I’m not into marriage and children, never have been.  Makes no difference whether I stay in London or not.  If I like it here, I’ll stay, if not, then I will have to think of something else.”
    Shelly looked at me for a moment before speaking.  “So, you don’t want to get married?  Have you ever fallen in love?”
    “No, and I don’t need to.  I like my life the way it is.  It’s uncomplicated and free.  I don’t have to answer to anyone and I can come and go as I please.”
    “What about sex though?” she asked, shocked.
    “Oh, I get by,” I said.  And that was all I was going to say.  Shelly could see I wasn’t going to elaborate, so she kept quiet.  She still had a smirk on her face though.
    “So you’ve never had feelings for someone?  Not just a little bit?”
    I thought about poor Brian and what I put him through.  I care enough to know that it hurts me that I hurt him, but that’s as far as it goes with me.  “Nope.  There’s not a man out there that can change the way I feel, or even goad some sort of reaction from me.”
    Oh boy.  Little did I know—that in three weeks time—I’d be eating my own words.

    Three weeks later I had settled in nicely.  I had made seven sales already—which Jonathan was ecstatic about—and I was slowly, but surely, getting to know the area a bit better.
    I had met the infamous Miss Charmers and boy did she try to.  I showed her around a house on Royal Avenue and I swear she touched my arse.  I looked around at her once I felt it, but she was looking elsewhere.  I didn’t know whether I was imagining things, but as quickly as I could, I went round that house like a bullet.  I don’t think she knew what hit her after that.  I think it must have been the quickest viewing in history.  It didn’t help the fact that she was learning Spanish and was trying to say as many ‘cutesy’ Spanish words to me as she possibly could.
    She didn’t take the house and I felt I had to say something to Jonathan.  He thought it was funny, but assured me that if she came in again, he would ask Anthony, Brad, or Timothy to take her.  This soon changed on Wednesday afternoon.
    I was at my desk as usual when Jonathan called me in to speak with him.  I made my way into his office and shut the door.
    “Angelina, how have you been getting on?  I know we haven’t had much time to talk, but I wanted to make sure you were okay and settling in well.”  Swivelling in his chair slightly, he grinned, that swoon worthy grin of his.
    “I’ve been fine, Jonathan.  It’s certainly been an experience here, and you do get to meet some characters.”
    He stopped swivelling and placed his elbows on his desk.  “Yes, you certainly do.  Talking of which, Mr Jacobs rang.  It would seem he is looking for some properties again.  I didn’t think it would work, but I have told him about some brand new properties.  I had

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