Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal by Magda Alexander Read Free Book Online

Book: Up Close and Personal by Magda Alexander Read Free Book Online
Authors: Magda Alexander
undress by yourself? I can call Moseley to help.”
    “And wake my butler from a sound sleep? I think not. I have this.” I stumble to my feet and go for my belt. Unfortunately, the darn thing’s a tricky two-prong strap. With the three pain pills in my system, I’m all thumbs.
    “Here. Let me do it.” Nudging my hand back, she fiddles with it with no success.
    No surprise. Even my valet has a hard time with it.
    “Shoot. This is hard to do standing up. Sit down.”
    “Okay.” Head swimming, I plop back on the bed.
    She pulls on the strap, but the dang prongs won’t come loose. Refusing to give up, she redoubles her efforts. My cock unfortunately notices. If I thought I was hard before, it’s nothing to what I’m feeling now. The darn thing’s a log in my pants.
    “Darn it.” She straddles me, I’m guessing to gain better purchase, but I’m way past caring about the damned belt. I breathe in her musk. That scent of hers is not soap or cologne. It’s her. And it’s driving me insane. She’s leaning right over the zipper, fighting the belt for all she’s worth.
    And, just like a randy teenager, I’m about to come in my pants. “Caitlyn. Stop.”
    “Wait. I almost have it.”
    Sitting up, I curl my hand around the nape of her neck. “For the love of God. Cease what you’re doing.”
    “But—” She’s breathing hard and so am I. We’re close, so close, and her breath smells so sweet. Her fragrance weaves its magic around us, enthralling me, enrapturing me. So I do what I’ve been wanting to do all night.
    I kiss her.
    Not just kiss, but lick, nibble, bite her soft mouth. I’m so lost in the wonder of her, I fail to notice she’s not participating until she pushes away from me.
    “Mr. MacKay.” Stiff and unyielding, she’s a block of wood in my arms.
    But I can’t let her go. I want a hell of a lot more of her mouth, her lips, her. Hoping she’ll give in and give me what I want, I suckle her bottom lip. “Kiss me back, Cait.”
    “I c-can’t.” She’s not fighting me, but not kissing me, either.
    Resting my forehead against hers, I plead. “Please.” I’m begging I know, but I don’t care. I want her to kiss me back more than my next breath.
    For an eternity, she does nothing and then, ever so softly, her lips flutter against mine. A streak of pure lust shoots through me, and I clamp onto her and devour her mouth. When she trembles against me, I can’t take it any more. So I turn and slide her beneath my body.
    Someone knocks on my door. “Mr. MacKay? Do you need help, Sir?” Moseley. Damn his soul.
    “Oh, my God.” She wriggles away and beats feet away from me. The door crashes open and bounces against the wall.
    “Ms. Bennett!” Could Moseley sound more surprised? “Is everything all right?”
    “Yes.” She chokes out, probably red as a beet. “I helped Mr. MacKay to his room. He was a bit woozy from the pills.” She’s mortified to her core. And I did that to her.
    “I see. I’ll take it from here then,” Moseley says.
    “Yes. Thank you. Goodnight.”
    That intoxicating scent of her dissipates. She’s gone.
    As my butler steps into the room, the door clicks softly shut.
    “Do you require help Mr. MacKay. I know it’s your valet’s night off.” He clips out his words.
    I can’t blame his outrage. He saw enough to realize I was well on my way to seducing the help. A no-no in his book. Mine as well. Until tonight. Until Caitlyn. What a rutting bastard I am. Thank God he stopped me before I committed the ultimate crime. “Yes. This damn belt. I can’t get it off.”
    “Allow me, Sir.” In his hands the belt comes off in a thrice. Figures.
    “Anything else?”
    “No. I can take it from here.” I’ll be damn if I have him witnessing my cockstand.
    “May I speak frankly, Sir?”
    Something tells me I’m about to be schooled by my butler. “Yes, you may.”
    “Ms. Bennett is your employee.”
    I bite back a curse. “Don’t you think I know

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