Vegas Two-Step

Vegas Two-Step by Liz Talley Read Free Book Online

Book: Vegas Two-Step by Liz Talley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Liz Talley
Tags: Home On The Ranch
asked as he peeled off several bills and tossed them on the table.
    “Thanks for buying breakfast. I would have been glad to—”
    Jack pressed his finger to her lips. “My treat.”
    He pulled his finger away and smiled, holding out his hand to indicate she should rise and head to the swinging door. Nellie scooted from the bench and rose, her nose nearly brushing his chin.
    “You’ve got syrup on your neck,” he said, eyeing an area above her collarbone.
    “I do? Where?”
    Jack grabbed her hand. “Leave it. I’ll take care of it in the car.”
    “But I can just go to the ladies’ room and wash it off. I don’t want to get it on your car seats.” Nellie tried to turn toward the door in the back marked “Dames,” but Jack tugged her toward the entrance.
    “I’ll take care of it. Trust me. I’m looking forward to it.”
    Then he threw her the same wolfish look he’d given her earlier as he’d tugged her from the bar into the Vegas night. It was the same look that had curled her toes and made her heart beat faster. She liked that look.
    “Ever make out in a GT-R?” he said, pulling out his keys and pressing the unlock button. The car perked up, illuminating the lonely parking spot.
    Nellie giggled. “Nope.”
    “Let’s give it a whirl.”

    Root hog or die.
    —Grandmother Tucker to Nellie when she asked how she would get a prom date.
    “N ELL , YOU’VE GOT TO stop with the ‘I shouldn’t have given him my info’ stuff. It’s ridiculous.” Kate shoved another blouse into Nellie’s hand.
    “Why?” Nellie asked, squinting critically at the sheer top and putting it back on the rack.
    “Because you want to see him again. You’ve got the biggest guilt complex of anyone I know. Your grandmother did a real number on you.” Kate pulled the blouse from the rack and pushed it at her insistently. “Here. Try this on.”
    “No. Too revealing.” Nellie shoved the blouse back with its other too-revealing friends. The boutique was full of outlandish snips of clothing that barely covered all the right parts. “And don’t bring my Grandmother Tucker into this. I know I’m what she made me. I can’t change who I am.”
    “Bullshit.” Kate turned on her. “You hide beneath that small-town Tucker girl shield like she taught you. I know the real you, Nellie. I grew up with you. The real Nellie would wear this shirt without a bra.”
    “Yeah, right,” Nellie snorted. “I’ve grown up, Kate.”
    “I know. It shows.” Kate nudged her hand with the hanger. “You need some excitement in your life. Some sexiness. Something more than baking blueberry muffins for the Ladies Auxiliary’s fashion brunch. I think you found that last night, right?”
    True, Nellie thought, finally taking the wispy shirt from Kate’s outstretched hand. It was a nice shade of cranberry. With a similarly colored camisole underneath, it would probably complement her golden-streaked hair nicely. She turned her attention back to Kate, who was jerking hangers across the rack with unfettered frustration. Nellie noted her friend’s expression—resolute determination, absolute annoyance. Not a good combination. Kate furrowed her raven eyebrows beneath her spiky cobalt-streaked hair and pulled out a clingy yellow shirt. She held it up in front of Nellie, shook her head and returned it to the rack.
    “You do know me better than anyone, Kate.” She and Kate had bought their first bras together, smoked their first cigarettes together and taken their first college exam together. “That being said, you know I cannot help who I am.”
    “Wrong. I know you can.” Kate shoved her toward the dressing room, sweeping a huge assortment of clothing over her arm and following behind.
    Nellie plodded into the dressing room, wishing they had stayed out on the main floor of the chic boutique. In the privacy of the fitting room, Kate would unleash on her. And Nellie didn’t want to hear about what a total dud she was. How

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