Wanting It All: A Hellfire Riders MC Romance (The Motorcycle Clubs Book 3)

Wanting It All: A Hellfire Riders MC Romance (The Motorcycle Clubs Book 3) by Kati Wilde Read Free Book Online

Book: Wanting It All: A Hellfire Riders MC Romance (The Motorcycle Clubs Book 3) by Kati Wilde Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kati Wilde
Tags: Erotic Romance, Motorcycle Club romance, Novella
“I’ll do what?”
    “What?” I throw back at him, wide-eyed. “Are you telling me that selling yourself doesn’t feel so good? Because being told I’ll be protected in exchange for fucking you feels pretty shitty.”
    “An exchange? That’s what you think I’m asking for?”
    “Oh, my dad explained it. You want the package deal. The clubhouse and the land out there. And you’ll be claiming me so that Reichmann is less likely to try something.” My chest is heaving as I stalk out from behind the bar. “Like I’m just another cabin on the property and you’re tagging the walls.”
    “Tagging the walls?” He’s pissed now too, and when he comes for me there’s nowhere to go, backing me up against the front counter and caging me in with powerful arms. Teeth clenched, he gets in my face. “If I was tagging you, princess, I’d be jerking off all over your sweet little ass. No, fuck jerking off. I’ve done that enough thinking of you. So I’d bury my cock inside you, then fuck your pussy deep and hard, and when I’m finally ready to blow I’ll pull out and tag you then.”
    Not a chance in fucking hell. I open my mouth to tell him but he doesn’t give me time to even draw a breath before he’s on me, a kiss like fire and tasting of beer. Damn him. I want him too much and I can’t fight like this. But I try, though I’m surrounded. He’s so big, his body like a wall. The counter is behind me. Desperate, I bite his tongue. His head jerks back and he growls as he spins me around, bending me over the counter, pushing me down with his forearm at my back. His stiff cock wedges against my ass.
    His mouth is hot at the back of my neck. “You want it like this between us instead of how I offered? You want me to pay with a fucking? It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll take you any way I can get you. Slide your skirt up and I’ll put in my down payment now.”
    My hands are braced beside me. He could reach my skirt easier than I can. But I realize what he’s doing. This will be my choice. If I want it like this, I just have to do as he says. Then maybe he’ll fuck me until all this anger and hurt goes away.
    But it doesn’t matter if it does go away. Because I’ll take him any way that I can get him, too, and I’ve always known that having him would never be easy. Expecting hell, I yank the short hem of my skirt higher.
    I get heaven, instead.
    “Fuck,” Saxon breathes the curse. His fingers are gentle, sliding over the curve of my ass, tracing the lacy edge of my black panties, and all of a sudden he’s laughing. “You get me so wound up, Jenny. So pissed that you think this is what I’m here for. But now I’ve got you bent over, the truth is I’d love to see my cum painting this ass. Jesus, I could tag you all night.”
    The pressure against my back eases. He turns me to face him before setting me on the counter, the surface cold beneath my thighs. I realize he’s not going to fuck me after all and it’s too much. In an instant, everything builds up. My dad’s cancer. This shitty day. Having Saxon so close but not having him, and I’m fighting so hard not to cry.
    Fighting and losing.
    “Shh.” Voice low, he’s kissing me softly. “I know this has all been rough on you. I shouldn’t be, too. But I’m a rough man. You’d be better off with someone like those kids that just left. One’s going to be a lawyer or some shit.”
    The thought of it almost makes me laugh. I know a lot of guys like that. Not all of them as irritating as the frat boys. Most are decent, some are even smart and funny and sexy. “They’re not what I want.”
    “What do you want, then?”
    So much. “I don’t want to lose my dad. I don’t want to worry about the Eighty-Eight. I don’t want to move away.”
    Gently his hands cradle my jaw and he tilts my head back until my eyes meet his. They’re dark and intense and dead serious. “I can’t give you all of that. But what I can, Jenny, I will. Whether you take

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