What the River Knows

What the River Knows by Katherine Pritchett Read Free Book Online

Book: What the River Knows by Katherine Pritchett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Katherine Pritchett
Tags: Contemporary,Suspense
You want the small conference room again?”
    “That would be fine.” Bates started toward the room. “Thanks.” Scott followed him.
    Trish arrived at the room just as they did. Bates opened the door for her. She handed him the piece of paper she carried. “Here’s the list of all the guys that Delia talked about going out with.”
    Scott looked over Bates’ shoulder at it. Four names and another couple of sentences about men without names.
    She shrugged. “I couldn’t remember the names of all of them she talked about. Maybe Shawna would.”
    Bates nodded. “We’ll ask her.” She gazed at them expectantly, awaiting another question. Bates took a deep breath. “How long ago was your divorce, Trish?”
    A frown creased her brow. “Not quite a year and a half ago.”
    “Just a few months before Delia’s, right?”
    She nodded. “That’s why we went to lunch so often, because we were going through the same things.”
    “It must be tough.” Bates’ own marriage of twenty-plus years was rock solid. “What kind of things did you talk about going through?”
    Trish waved her hands in the air. “Oh, dealing with exes. The paperwork. I don’t have kids, so we didn’t have that in common.” She clasped her hands and looked down at them. “Trying to find a decent guy to date.”
    “Having trouble finding any?”
    “Guys, no. Decent ones, yes.”
    Bates gave her a friendly grin. “What, are you saying there aren’t many of us that are worth dating?”
    “You’d be surprised what’s out there.”
    “Like what?” Scott was genuinely serious.
    “Like men with no rings who act like they are single.” She frowned. “And you find out they’re married when the wife calls you.”
    Bates smiled. “Sticky situation.” He glanced down at the list she had given them. “Any of those guys date Delia?”
    “He called her, but I had already warned her.”
    “Did he take it badly when she said no?”
    “She said he acted like it didn’t even bother him.”
    Bates glanced at Scott. “What about Mr. Moran?”
    Trish sat up straight, her shoulders tight with tension, as she looked from Bates to Scott. “What about Mr. Moran?”
    “Is he one of those guys who acts like he’s unmarried when he isn’t?”
    She glanced between them again. “Did Shawna say anything?”
    Bates stayed silent, waiting.
    She fiddled with the rings on her hands for a few moments. “He—” She paused to look at the door.
    “Would you be more comfortable discussing this if we went downtown to the station?”
    She nodded. “Could we do it after five?” Her gaze flicked to the door’s window again. “I’d prefer that no one here know what we talk about there.”
    Bates nodded. “Just come to the front desk and ask for me.” He stood and offered his hand. “We’ll see you this evening then?”
    She did not meet his eyes as she took his hand.

Chapter 10
    Scott headed for his desk as soon as they hit the station. “Gonna write up my report and track down those pictures in the yearbook while we wait on Trish.”
    “Good luck.” Bates stopped at the coffee pot.
    Scott checked his watch. He should be able to get some current addresses and phone numbers before he had to head home for Rica’s party. He pulled the yearbook toward him and clicked into the white pages on his computer.
    Bates tapped on his desk. “Trish is here.”
    “What?” He looked at his watch again. “Oh, shit.” He hit the keys to shut down his computer, slammed the yearbook closed, and kicked back his chair. “I’m in hot water now.”
    Bates paused on his way to the front desk to retrieve Trish. “What do you mean?”
    “I was supposed to be headed home ASAP at end of shift, which was—” He nodded toward the clock on the wall. “Over forty minutes ago.”
    “Orders from the boss?” Bates frowned.
    Scott was almost to the back door. “Dinner with her boss.”
    “Get your ass in gear, then, boy.” Bates continued to the front. “I’ll

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