Wheels of Steel, Book 2

Wheels of Steel, Book 2 by Pepper Pace Read Free Book Online

Book: Wheels of Steel, Book 2 by Pepper Pace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Pepper Pace
woman’s gown and thoroughly washed her limbs and upper body. She was alarmed at how much weight Miss Lucille had lost. She had already been very thin, but now she was emaciated. Robin put on a fresh gown and then lowered the bed. She found a fresh, clean sheet and covered her upper body with it and then removed the covering from her lower body.
    The odor coming from her body was unpleasant.
    “How is your son, doing?” Robin asked even though they had spent much of their visit talking about him.
    “He’s so busy-” and she explained about all of his demanding patients while Robin got rid of the diaper. She cleaned her. Miss Lucille’s legs were bent slightly at the knees and when Robin tried to part them the older woman winced.
    “Did I hurt you?” She asked apologetically.
    “Sore.” Was the response she received.
    Robin gently tried to straighten her limbs and part her legs and when they were finally spread Robin looked up and met the elderly woman’s eyes.
    “I’m sorry.” Miss Lucille whispered. “I tried to take a bath but I was too tired...It’s pretty bad I know.”
    Robin smiled. “Nothing that a good washing won’t fix.” She lied. In the creases where her thighs met her pelvis were sores that were bloody and raw. The smell was worse than Mr. Baker’s and she felt suddenly ashamed that she had treated that man as disdainfully as someone had apparently treated Miss Lucille. She washed the elderly woman three times before the smell faded. She changed the basin with each washing. When she turned the older woman onto her side to get her backside she saw more sores, even worse. Each time Robin went into the bathroom to change out the water she cried. And then she straightened her face, plastered on a smile and went back out to wash her more.
    By the time Miss Lucille was fresh and clean, Robin was exhausted. She changed the sheets, being careful to roll the woman gently to her side so that she could get the fresh ones beneath her. And then she lowered her gown, smoothing it into place. Miss Lucille was dozing and Robin looked around the small, neat room. There was no television in the bedroom. She went to the living room and unplugged the small appliance and placed it on the dresser. There was no cable line so Robin turned it to a local channel where the news was currently broadcasting. She found the remote control and placed it beneath the sleeping woman’s hand.
    “I’ll come back.” She said, not sure if Miss Lucille had heard her. She smoothed her hair, reluctant to leave. But it was getting late and she needed to get to Jason. Before her visit with the Miss Lucille she had gone home and bathed, changed and packed a small bag which she would leave in her trunk. Now she was happy that she had done that. Robin picked up the uneaten sack of muffins and placed them back on the table so that Miss Lucille wouldn’t miss them. Maybe they would let her eat one.
    After a long time of just standing there doing nothing Robin finally left. She went down the elevator and walked to the front desk.
    “I need to see that nurse.” He rang for the woman that had led Robin to Miss Lucille’s room. She was coming from outside where Robin saw her squashing out a cigarette before entering the lobby.
    “Are you finished with your visit?” She asked pleasantly.
    “For now.” Robin said shortly. “I had to give her a bath.” The nurse’s mouth opened and closed. Her eyes wouldn’t meet Robin’s. “And I had to change her diaper….and her sheets. She was filthy! Her hair hasn’t been washed in weeks-”
    The nurse’s nice mask finally slid free and she gave Robin a cold look. “With all due respect, you’re not family-”
    “You don’t know what I am.” Robin said calmly. “What you need to concern yourself with is the bed sores that’s between her legs and on her

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