Where Life Takes You

Where Life Takes You by Claudia Burgoa Read Free Book Online

Book: Where Life Takes You by Claudia Burgoa Read Free Book Online
Authors: Claudia Burgoa
the living room after we finished the ritual, and Dan made us watch a historical movie to be released in theaters on New Year’s Day. The perks of knowing someone, who met someone, who was close friends with the neighbor of a famous actor. That was Dan’s show off line, which I hated. Actually, Dan had backed a production company formed by an old college friend, which gave us access to whatever they cooked up any time we wanted. So far, their repertoire included a couple of blockbusters and three acclaimed masterpieces nominated for a few awards. I truly liked their films.
    “I’ll give it an eight,” Ash said. “Coming from me, it’s a compliment. I don’t care much for historical films.”
    “They’re filming some thriller with that blond guy everyone loves,” Dan said, as he turned off the media center and put away the disc. “You might love it. Anyway, with so many big projects coming up, I suggested they switch advertising agencies. You might get a call early next month, Ty.”
    I chuckled along with Tyler.
    “What?” Dan asked, looking puzzled.
    “In Dan-speak,” Tyler explained our laughs, “suggested means you don’t have a choice.” I nodded, agreeing with Ty, who laughed louder. “It won’t surprise us when you run the place. Here’s my two cents for the day—Google what silent investor means. Emphasis on silent .” He laughed again. “My friend, you need a life. Marry someone who’ll keep you busy with a couple of babies, and stop dipping your spoon in every ice cream you see.”
    “Speaking of babies… that reminds me.” Ash’s suspicious change of topic switched me into panic mode. “My baby sister and a couple of her friends might drop by for a visit. They’re driving from Indiana to Las Vegas. It’s only for a few days. I hope you guys don’t mind. We haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving.”
    “You should’ve invited Rose too.” I smiled, Rose buffered our hate-hate relationship every time Trish and I happened to be in the same place.
    “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Rose and Mark went to Florida to visit his parents.” She jumped off the couch and gave me a big hug, as if she’d won the lottery. “Mom told me he’s proposing on New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight. Knowing my sister, she will set the wedding around summer, if not earlier.”
    Joy! It’ll be Bratty and company for the weekend.
    I’d seen her five times—five long and painful times, where I wanted to stab her with the sharpest object in the room. Rose always acted as Switzerland. Without her, nuclear war would’ve been unleashed. “Give them my best when she surprises you with the happy news.”
    “Same here.” Dan, who had been standing close to the couch I sat on, responded. He linked our fingers and pulled me out of my sitting position. “I don’t have a problem with their visit. The only condition is that you don’t move us from our rooms. Let me know when we need to restock the fridge. I’ll send Bryan to the store.” He got up and hauled me up after him. “Let’s go, little one. We’re going to enjoy the fresh powder tomorrow. Goodnight, Sanders family.”
    “Goodnight,” I yelled, while Dan pulled me toward the stairs.
    “Bex, you need acting lessons,” he whispered, turning off some lights and turning on other ones in my room. “Heard about faking it?”
    “Nuh-uh.” I shook my head. “Fake it till you make it? Trish and I don’t work like that. She’s nasty, and I can’t handle her. My filters crash and burn when she’s around.” I pouted, and did my best slutty impression. “You need to touch them, Dan. I’ve been told they feel like the real deal. You can give me your professional opinion.” I moved seductively, fluttering my eyelashes at him while I grinded my hips on his leg. “Is it true, Dan, do her boobs feel like the real deal?”
    “Most embarrassing moment.” We laughed together, his eyes sparkling and holding a smile I’d never seen. “And no, I

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