Who Do You Love (Rock Royalty Book 7)

Who Do You Love (Rock Royalty Book 7) by Christie Ridgway Read Free Book Online

Book: Who Do You Love (Rock Royalty Book 7) by Christie Ridgway Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christie Ridgway
tiny leather vest she wore over her cut-to-the-nipples tank top. The patch on this one read “Property of the Unruly Assassins.”
    Next to her, Cami felt like a piece of laundry that had been left out on the line. Dusty, and forgotten. Unwanted.
    Still, she tried to gather her dignity and power through.
    “Nice to meet you,” she said to the other woman then directed her attention once again to Eamon.
    “Coincidence, coincidental,” she said. “I still don’t believe how that makes any—”
    She started at the sound of the new voice, then realized Payne had come up beside her.
    “Time to go, sis,” he said, sliding an arm over her shoulders.
    “Time to go .” He looked at Eamon.
    “Yeah,” the other man confirmed, as if the two were conducting a silent conversation. “It’s time for her to go.”
    Cami looked between them. “What’s happening?”
    Eamon didn’t take his gaze off Payne. “You’ll explain.”
    “Sure,” her brother said, easily. “But the next time I see you near her, I’m going to break your face.”
    With a small smile, Eamon nodded. “Fair enough,” he murmured, then turned Suze back in to the jewelry booth. “Let me find you something special, beautiful.”
    Now even more confused, Cami could only gulp like a fish as her brother directed her in the direction of the exit.
    “We’re all loaded up,” Payne said.
    “What aren’t you telling me?” She shook her head. “No. I mean, what are you supposed to tell me?”
    “I’m getting to it,” Payne said calmly, “and then you’re going to put that fucker out of your life once and for all.”
    Then he laid it out for her. The coincidence that wasn’t coincidental was because of the Unruly Assassins MC. Of course the expo would attract the area motorcycle clubs—like the Savage Sons, she thought, and the other guys she’d seen that day sporting their various leather cuts.
    “The Unruly Assassins?” she echoed.
    “Brody found out that night at the roadhouse. Eamon was there with some of the Unrulies.” Hesitating, Payne ran a hand over the back of her hair.
    “Just say it,” she told her brother.
    “They’re an outlaw MC. A one-percenter.” Before she could ask, he elaborated. “It refers to the MCs that aren’t averse to criminal enterprise.”
    Payne gave a short nod. “Okay. The word is, they’re involved in criminal enterprise.”
    Cami looked around her, the booths being broken down, the people moving about a blur. “What are you trying to say?” But of course, she could guess. “He’s one of them?”
    “He’s the president’s son.” Payne took an audible breath. “And if you want to hook up with someone more dissolute than the Lemons—the debauchery plus knives and guns and who the hell knows what else on the side—then Eamon’s it.”
    Cami shuddered. The memory of feeling so alone, so much even less than an afterthought, was something that had shaped her forever. All because the next party, the next woman, the next high was a more pressing concern to the man who was supposed to care for her.
    Okay. Fine then.
    She pounded one fist against her thigh. Get this.
    Not only did Eamon Rooney no longer want her—hadn’t he made that perfectly clear once again?—he also wasn’t the kind of man she ever, ever should want.

Chapter 3
    The Unruly Assassins clubhouse was a three-structure compound surrounded by cyclone fencing squatting in a transitional zone between warehouses and small manufacturing facilities and several blocks of beat-up homes. The residential section might be gentrified in another twenty or so years. Perhaps sooner, Eamon thought, reconsidering from his place on a picnic bench in the shadows of the regular Saturday night party.
    As usual, the Assassins and guests gathered in the courtyard space between two buildings. Portable fire pits and a few security lights washing the walls of the buildings dimly lit the space. In

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