Wicked Game

Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush Read Free Book Online

Book: Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Psychological, Thrillers, Crime
been a part of Hudson’s crowd, even putting up with the constant teasing from some of the other kids, including Christopher Delacroix, the richest kid in the school at the time and the only one who had numerals after his name, as he had the same name as Daddy and Granddaddy. Hence his nickname of The Third. As Becca remembered him, The Third was a privileged kid who got his kicks out of embarrassing others. In short, a dyed-in-the-wool jerk. He had constantly needled Tamara.
    “Tamara and I keep in touch. See each other once in a while,” Becca admitted.
    “Renee is pretty freaked out about the discovery of the skeleton and she wants us all to get together,” Hudson said, sounding not quite certain about the wisdom of that.
    I bet she doesn’t want me , Becca thought, but kept it to herself. She was trying her best to concentrate on the conversation at hand and not on eighteen-year-old questions she wanted to ask him. She hadn’t spoken to Hudson in years, had only run into him twice since that summer of their affair. But both of those times she’d been with Ben, and nothing more than a few polite hellos had been exchanged between them.
    Which was probably just as well.
    Let sleeping dogs lie, Becca. No need to bring up the past that you’ve worked so hard to bury.
    “What does she think will come of that?” Becca asked as Ringo, opening his eyes, stretched on the couch.
    “I don’t know. She thinks the bones are Jessie’s.”
    So do I. That’s why I had the vision. “What do you think?”
    “I always thought she ran away,” Hudson stated. “She had a history of it.”
    “I remember.”
    This was surreal. Her first phone call with Hudson, and they were talking about Jessie again after all these years.
    “Renee’s a reporter for the Valley Star. ”
    Becca knew as much. The Star was a local paper; not exactly the big time that Renee had always talked up years before. Even in high school, Renee Walker had ambitions that had been far reaching, a lot farther reaching than the circulation of a second-rate newspaper.
    “She’s already talked to the kids who found the body, even though their parents were cautioned by the police. But you know her, she gets what she wants.”
    Except that dream job.
    “Anyway, Renee’s been doing some follow-up. She wants us all to get together at Blue Note on Thursday.”
    “The restaurant? Why?” The request seemed to come out of left field.
    “To find out if anyone can remember anything that might help identify the bones.”
    “You mean if they’re Jessie’s.”
    “Well, yeah, that would be the first supposition.”
    Becca wasn’t sure getting the old gang together because of a shallow grave and remains up at the school was such a good idea, but she said, “Okay.”
    “Scott and Glenn own Blue Note. It’s in Raleigh Hills. I’ve got the address…” He rattled off the street address and she remembered the area in the west hills, only a few minutes’ drive through a tunnel and into the heart of Portland.
    “Scott Pascal and Glenn Stafford own a restaurant together?” she asked, thinking of two of the boys she’d known at St. Elizabeth’s. She hadn’t heard that they’d gone into business together and she didn’t recall them being particularly good friends in school, but that had been a long time ago. Things change. And business partners didn’t necessarily make the best friends or bedfellows.
    “Not just Blue Note. They have another restaurant in Lincoln City, I think.”
    “I wouldn’t have guessed,” she said. But then I wouldn’t have guessed that you would call me after all this time, or that a body that could be Jessie’s would be discovered at the school…
    “Renee wants everyone to meet Thursday after work, around seven, if they can make it.” Becca heard a bit of hesitation in his voice, as if he was second-guessing his sister’s plan.
    “I can be there.”
    “Is it?”
    Again a bit of hesitation, then he said, “Who

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