Wicked Pleasures

Wicked Pleasures by Lora Leigh Read Free Book Online

Book: Wicked Pleasures by Lora Leigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lora Leigh
Chase would have never allowed her to get away with it, and she knew it. Just as she had known it before she left town seven years ago.
    She pushed her fingers through her hair again, then let her hand trail down her neck, almost shivering at the memory of Cam's fingers there.
    Other men had touched her over the years. Superficially. They had kissed her, held her; but that ache that gnawed at her insides had never gone away. No more than the distrust had.
    She was willing to lay her life savings on the fact that she was quite possibly the only twenty-eight-year-old virgin in existence, in the nation.
    She stopped at the full-length mirror in the corner of the room and stared at herself. Her nose was straight, eyebrows arched. Her eyes faintly tilted, her lips just a little bit too lush. Her breasts weren't small, but they weren't overly large. They fit her body. She was slender; she stayed in shape. Her shoulder-length auburn hair was a nice contrast to her brown-and-blue-flecked green eyes.
    She wasn't ugly. She didn't consider herself beautiful, rather average. There was no reason for her to be spending her life alone.
    Other than her own fears. And the simple fact that she was still, even now, waiting on Cam.



Chapter 3



    Chase was waiting in the lobby of the hotel when Cam strode through the entrance. The black suit his brother wore did nothing to alleviate the aura of power and danger that surrounded him. The wicked scar that slashed down the left side of his cheek definitely helped the impression, but it was the icy green eyes, the unsmiling lips, the expression that seemed carved from experiences that suggested hell, made him appear even more dangerous, that did it.
    Cam was his brother, his twin. And sometimes Chase wondered if he even knew who or what his brother was. He definitely didn't know what had created the dark visage that strode toward him.
    "She's not going to appreciate a late-night visit," he told his brother as they headed toward the elevator.
    "Too bad," Cam growled. "Roberts waylaid me at the party. The slick bastard. He should be in film rather than congress. His acting ability beats the shit out of his ability to help run this fucking country."
    Chase winced. Cam was cussing. That was never a good thing.
    "Blindsiding Jaci like this isn't going to help," he advised him as the elevator doors slid closed behind them. "She is a little demon when that temper of hers is roused, you know that as well as I do."
    And she was liquid fire when other parts of her were aroused. Chase could still taste the sweet syrup that had flowed from her body, even seven years later. And he knew Cam had never forgotten.
    "I want eyes on her twenty-four seven," Cam ordered. "If Roberts even thinks about contacting her, I want to know about it."
    "Cam, you can't control her life here." The elevator doors slid open.
    As they stepped out, his brother turned to him. The green ice in his gaze flickered with a hidden flame. The intensity of the color was no longer flat with whatever emotions or memories he fought. The color was wild, vivid, shocking Chase with the emotions that seemed to swirl just under the surface.
    "I have no intention of controlling her life," Cam stated. "I'm going to become her life, Chase. There's a difference."
    For a second, Chase stood in shock, staring at his brother's back as he strode quickly down the hall to the suite Ian had reserved for the interior designer.
    Cameron had never claimed anything or anyone as his. Not since they had lost their parents, since their lives had gone to hell beneath the less-than-gentle care of their maternal aunt at the tender age of thirteen. But now, he was claiming Jaci?
    Hearing him claim something, someone now, was enough to almost cause him to miss that twisted expression of need on Cam's face as he turned away.
    Hell, Jaci didn't need to see Cam like this. Chase didn't need to see Cam like this. Brimming with fire and lust and a

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