Working It Out

Working It Out by Sean Michael Read Free Book Online

Book: Working It Out by Sean Michael Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sean Michael
Tags: Gay & Lesbian
    He opened up to Luke's kiss, hands circling the lean waist. His mouth was explored, Luke taking his time, tongue tracing his teeth. His prick pushed up against his pants, eager to respond to every touch. Luke moaned, the sound sliding into his mouth.
    "You want to take this to the bedroom, baby?"
    "Yes, love. I want to see your bed."
    "I'd like that, too." How many times had Luke slept over in the last few months but it had always been in this chair? He grabbed hold of Luke's ass and stood, taking his lover with him.
    "When did you get strong, love?"
    He snorted. "Baby, you don't weigh a thing."
    "Still makes you look like a stud."
    He grinned. "I'll take it."
    He carried Luke into the bedroom. Luke didn't tense, the man trusted him, held on tight. Nudging on the light with an elbow, he flooded the room with a low light. His bedroom was masculine and clean, inviting.
    "I love how it smells in here." Had anyone ever said anything so erotic to him?
    "Thank you, baby. I'm hoping it's soon going to smell like us." He went to the bed and sat, settling Luke in his lap.
    Luke pressed closer, lips sliding against his. He opened his mouth, inviting Luke in.
    "I love you. Still." Luke kissed him, slow and deep.
    Something inside him bloomed. "Yes. Love you, too, baby." So much it was insane.
    "Good." Luke smiled at him, and for a second, he saw pure joy.
    His breath caught in his throat. God, his lover was beautiful. He could have stared all night. He really could.
    "You okay?" Luke asked.
    "Yeah. I am. Really, really okay."
    "Oh, good. I want you to be. Okay."
    "I want you to be happy. I want you to be in love with me. I want you to know I love you. I want you."
    "Then we're lucky." Luke looked at him, laughed. "I'm lucky."
    "Yeah. We are." He licked across Luke's lips and then took another kiss. "Let me make love to you."
    "Please. Please. I promise not to cry."
    He drew back, looked into Luke's eyes. "If you don't want to, Luke, we don't have to." He was not going to force himself on Luke. Not now, not ever.
    "I know. I want to, but I might get emotional." Luke looked so serious. "I don't know what will happen."
    "As long as you promise to tell me if you need me to stop." Affton needed to know Luke would talk to him instead of running. He needed Luke not to be scared of sharing anything at all with him.
    "I swear. Can't you just kiss me?"
    He laughed, brought their mouths together. He was kissing Luke, in his bed. In his fucking bed. He slowly lay down, bringing Luke with him. His heart was beating hard and he resisted the urge to pinch himself.
    Sliding his tongue into Luke's mouth, he slowly deepened the kiss. His lover held him, relaxed against him, opened. God. He wanted to turn them over and just fuck Luke into the mattress, bury himself in the tight little body. He didn't. He was good. He was going to take his time and make sure Luke wanted to do it over and over again. More than that, he wanted to erase the bad memories, replace them with their love, their passion.
    He wrapped his hands around Luke's waist and slowly worked Luke's T-shirt up.
    "I haven't been naked with another person since the last time we made love."
    "I'm glad," he admitted. He hated the reason why, but at the same time he was fiercely glad there hadn't been anyone else.
    "Me, too." Luke unbuttoned his shirt. "Affie, I'm getting hard again, for you."
    "Yay." He grinned, pushing up against Luke, groaning as their middles slid together.
    "Uh-huh." Luke's fingers tugged the curls on his belly.
    He pushed up again, loving the way their bodies rubbed together. Luke was hard for him, and he reached down, popped the button on the man's jeans, for the second time that night. And this time he knew Luke was hard. It was heady, exciting.
    He teased his way inside Luke's pants. It surprised him, when Luke shoved his jeans and briefs down, baring himself for Affton.
    "Oh, baby..." He licked his lips, hands sliding around Luke's prick, holding it, feeling

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