Worth the Chance

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Book: Worth the Chance by Vi Keeland Read Free Book Online
Authors: Vi Keeland
Tags: Romance
date every once in awhile, but I’m pretty busy with my work most of the time.”
    Vinny nods, pleased with my answer. My turn. “You turned down a fight with Ravek last year, saying you weren’t ready for a title fight. What makes you think you’re ready now?”
    His eyebrows arch in surprise at my question. “You’ve done your homework.” I smile at the compliment and await his response. “I was considering joining the military last year. I may have been ready physically, but my head wasn’t in the game for that level of a fight.”
    I remember back to when we were in high school. He’d always worn dog tags around his neck that belonged to his father. “Your dad was in the military, right?”
    He reaches in under his sweater and pulls out the same tags I remember dangling so many years ago. “Haven’t taken them off except to fight since I was a kid. He died in the line of duty when I was a baby.” His face looks sad at the memory, but he quickly recovers. “That’s two you owe me now.”
    “Did you go to the prom with Evan Marco?” Vinny asks.
    The name brings back sad memories. “No.”
    “Why not?”
    “He was too injured to go. Wonder how that happened?” I respond with sarcasm. I’m actually surprised that he would even bring up Evan, no less push me to talk about what happened back then. I was only in tenth grade, so I was shocked when Evan had asked me to the prom. He was two years older and captain of the football team. Every girl wanted him to ask her. Yet he asked me. I hadn’t even realized he knew my name. I was just a wallflower, one of the smart girls who took advanced classes. But he did, and I was excited to go…even though deep down I secretly would’ve rather gone with Vinny. Then Evan got into a fight with Vinny a few weeks before prom and Evan canceled on me. I’d bought my dress and everything. I was devastated, but Vinny got it worse. He was already on probation for fighting and Evan’s father was on the school board. No one was surprised when Vinny was expelled.
    My turn. “Why did you beat up Evan?”
    Vinny’s eyebrows arch in surprise. “Olivia Michaels, are you asking me a personal question, not for your article?”
    I blush, hating myself for asking. But I’d always wondered. Vinny got into fights often in high school, but it wasn’t usually with the jocks. He’d even been friendly with Evan before that. “I guess I am.”
    He smiles halfheartedly, tension creeping back into his face. “He said something I didn’t like.”
    “He said something you didn’t like?” I mock his answer in disbelief that he’d gotten himself expelled over something so trivial.
    “That’s gonna count as another question if I have to repeat myself.” Vinny warns with a grin.
    Almost two more hours go by and Vinny’s answered every question I’ve thrown at him. And I can tell he’s done so truthfully. In between our question and answer sessions, we reminisce about the time we spent together in high school. I’m surprised how much he remembers about me. My favorite foods, the music I listened to, how I rewrote my own endings to the classics, my dream of becoming a writer. It’s sweet and unexpected.
    Vinny pays the check even though I tell him the paper would pay the bill. “Can I get one more question, Liv?”
    I roll my eyes playfully, but somewhere along the line in the last few hours I let my guard down…he knows I’m kidding. “Go ahead.”
    He leans in closer and whispers to me, “Can I kiss you?”
    I don’t respond right away, mostly because he doesn’t give me time to. Instead he kisses me. At first it’s hesitant, controlled, gentle…almost unsure. He tastes sweet, like the tiramisu we just shared. Incredibly delicious. After a minute he pulls back, our lips still touching after his gentle kiss, and a low moan escapes my lips before I can stop it. And then gentle goes out the window and he’s on me, kissing me hard, his tongue pilfering my mouth and

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