You Can't Run From Love

You Can't Run From Love by Kate Snowdon Read Free Book Online

Book: You Can't Run From Love by Kate Snowdon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Snowdon
Tags: Gay & Lesbian
look too good.”
    Jess started coming to her senses, although her mouth felt like a cesspit and her libido was playing up badly. “Bea, what are you doing here?”
    “I work here, remember? Jane gave me a call and told me you were alone.” She raised an eyebrow. “Do you need some company?”
    Jess looked at the bedside cabinet. “What time is it?”
    “When did time start to matter?” She looked Jess up and down. “Sexy pajamas.”
    Jess smiled. “I think Julie is next door.”
    Bea looked a little sheepish. “Ah, she’s actually a little further down the corridor now.”
    Jess chuckled, not able to help it. “I see. Wait here, let me get a drink of water and clean my teeth.”
    “That sounds promising.”
    “Don’t count your chickens.” Jess disappeared into the bathroom.
    She had known Bea for ten years and there were ten years between them in age. She’d picked her up one evening in a bar when the cocky, drunken youngster was in danger of ending the night with a number of undesirable women. The belligerent young woman had insisted on sex, or she would go elsewhere. So Jess had obliged, taking a long gentle time over it. The young woman had then cried herself to sleep in Jess’s arms. They’d hooked up again, half a dozen times or so over the years, with many a satisfying result. She looked at herself in the mirror as she dried her mouth. Just what I need.
    As she stepped back into the room, Bea closed the gap and lowered her gaze to lips that were slightly parted. “That look says you could do with some company.”
    Jess waited for the kiss she knew would come, then pulled away and said, to her own bewilderment, “No, not tonight.”
    Bea smiled cheekily. “Are you sure about that? I could definitely do with it myself.”
    She sighed. “Quite sure.”
    Bea looked at her with want in her eyes and was positive need was reflected straight back. “Okay, but I’m not convinced.” At the door she turned around, a frown knitting her eyebrows. “Is everything all right?”
    Jess remained rigid and fixed to the spot. She sighed again. “I’d have someone else on my mind.”
    Bea couldn’t help herself, her mouth gaped open and then she blurted, almost laughing, “You!”
    Jess rolled her eyes. “It’s temporary.”
    “Well then, maybe I could return a favor. Josie, remember? You helped me erase her image when I couldn’t think of entertaining anyone else.” Bea had been devastated when her lover of five years had left her. “I’m not promising it will be as effective, but you never know.”
    Closing the gap between them, with more purpose this time, she cupped the back of Jess’s head and pulled her lips hard to her own. Urgency bubbled almost immediately in them both. Jess swiftly removed Bea’s clothing and eased her back onto the bed. Jess smiled to herself. Easy clothes to take off, she came prepared. Straddling the body beneath her, she looked into a face full of desire.
    Bea pulled Jess down by her T-shirt and covered her lips again, tongues danced in and out, fighting for supremacy. Legs wrapped around Jess’s waist and wet swollen folds pressed hard against her palm and abdomen. Bea sucked in a breath when fingers began to tease her clitoris; she was so close. Pushing harder, she gasped, “Three please, make it three.” As she shifted her position the fingers slipped inside. “Oh yes, Jess, yes.” They both rocked in unison, pushing harder against one another until Bea’s cry of release was stifled by a mouth-devouring kiss.
    Jess woke to darkness, still dressed in her nightwear, and alone. Usually it was she who crept out of bed first . Sitting up, she shook her head. “Amazing. No headache.” Noticing a shard of light coming from under the bathroom door, she propped herself up and waited. The door opened and Bea stood dressed and ready to go.
    She smirked. “Good morning and where do you think you’re going?”
    Bea switched off the light and put on the bedroom

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