2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck

2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck by Juliet Cardin Read Free Book Online

Book: 2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck by Juliet Cardin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Juliet Cardin
Chapter 1
    What could be better than having the man of your dreams sprawled out on the floor with his head buried between your thighs?
    Not much, I assure you.
    As I lay back, caught in the throes of euphoric ecstasy, mindless of anything but the titillating sensations coursing through my loins, I couldn’t help but feel a blissful surge of triumph. At last, at long last, my heart’s desire lay conquered and in servitude to my every want and whim, right where he belonged, at my feet.
    Alas, if only this were real.
    Certainly, he felt real enough. The dark brown tousled locks upon his head, where my hands were buried, urging him onward, felt real. His lips and tongue laving my pussy with uninhibited abandon sure felt real.
    His warm naked body, glistening with scented oil, undeniably moved like a human male. The long index finger he even now inserted inside my moist awaiting center, was strong and determined, as though he made up his own mind. All of this was mine to control.
    “Yes, Dayton!” I hissed at him, lost in the moment. Forgetting the man at my feet would be nothing more than a hard, cold, piece of ingeniously crafted machinery as soon as I was through with him.
    He lifted his head to stare at me desperately, the way he’d been designed, as though there were nothing in the world he desired more than to be buried deep within me.
    “Please, let me fuck you, I beg you!” he gasped, slipping a second finger into me.
    “Yes. Yes, you may fuck me. Hard, Dayton! Hard!”
    He rose up, leaning over me as I lay further back on the firm lounge chair. He plunged his hard cock deep inside me with a thrust, filling me completely. One tanned muscular arm balanced up over my head, the other, at my hip, supporting his body so his heaviness wouldn’t rest upon me. Despite my daintiness, he fucked me hard, with abandon, the way I’d directed him to on many occasions. The other women liked to play the weak, helpless maidens with their males, pretending to be delicate and chaste, but I liked it rough. Though they’d never admit it, I bet they ordered their men to take them hard once in a while, just as I did.
    Dayton had even been in my ass.
    I loved getting it on those nights when I was feeling especially uninhibited. I’d even let him tie me up and spank me too.
    There was no fear he would hurt me. He was completely mine to command. Every whim, every desire, every fantasy, he was designed to meet the task, and greet it with eagerness. I was everything to him. His entire world. He existed for my pleasure.
    When I was finished with him, I would send him back into the closet, where he could plug himself in and recharge.
    “I love you,” he ground out between expertly placed thrusts. “I love you.”
    I’d instructed him to say these words to me as I came. He knew exactly the right moment. He would stroke me savagely until I cried out with release, and then he would slow his pace and ride out the torrent with me, panting gently and speaking sweetly.
    If only he were real.
    He lay with me a moment, then rose to kneel on the floor by my side. He kissed my lips softly and held me in his strong arms. After a great sigh, he got to his feet and wordlessly walked off to the far side of the room.
    I rested up on my elbows, watching him go. “Goodnight,” I said, despite the futility of the endearment. At least in my fantasy he could be my departing lover.
    Dayton turned and peered at me over his shoulder. “Goodnight,” he said, before giving me a wink and letting himself into the closet. He closed the door slowly behind him, letting me catch one last glimpse of his handsome chiseled profile.
    I lay back and gave a great sigh of my own.
    The next morning I rose early and met with the other women from the house in the breakfast room. Already they were deep into the gossip and the laughter was loud despite the early hour.
    “Morning, Lisia,” Morra said to me.
    I took a seat next to her at the long, rectangular, shiny slab of

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