3 Bad Guys Get Caught

3 Bad Guys Get Caught by Marie Astor Read Free Book Online

Book: 3 Bad Guys Get Caught by Marie Astor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marie Astor
where the changing
room is.” Mila headed towards the staircase and Janet followed her.
    “What dress size are you?” Mila asked.
    “A six,” Janet gulped. Six was a
perfectly good size in her opinion, but she guessed that Mila was a four or
maybe even a two.
    Mila plucked a sleek black dress off the
hanger. “This should fit. They used to order a new dress for each girl, but
we’ve had lots of defections lately and they’re recycling. It’s been dry
cleaned. Don’t worry, the girl who wore it before you only worked here for a
    “I don’t mind,” Janet lied. She was
seriously considering walking out this very moment. “The material looks
expensive,” she added to sound more convincing.
    “Don’t let it fool you. This place is as
cheap as can be. What size shoes do you wear?”
    “A nine.”
    “Me too. Here, you can wear my shoes for
tonight.” Mila handed Janet a pair of tasteful two-inch heels. “They’re still
dressy, but walkable. The things you have on will give you sciatica.”
    “When you change, come up upstairs, and
I’ll show you the tables.”
    Janet hurriedly pulled off her dress and
slipped into her uniform. Surprisingly, it fit her to a T. The material had an
expensive feel to it and the tailoring was exquisite. She slipped into Mila’s
shoes and pulled up her hair, applying a coat of lipstick to her lips. This was
an upscale restaurant, and she had to look the part, which was why she had worn
the stilettos in the first place, but apparently she had overdone it. She had a
lot to learn.
    “Who are you?” were the first words that
Janet heard when she returned upstairs. They came from a tall, burly-looking
man with dark hair, red, thick lips, and large brown eyes. There was something
bovine in his expression that gave his face a repulsive look. The black curly
hair poking from the opened collar of his shirt completed the picture.
    “I’m Janet … Janet Maple, the new
    “Mila!!!” the man yelled.
    “Yes?” Mila appeared by Janet’s side.
“Oh good, you changed. Now we can get to work. By the way, this is Roman; he’s
the junior manager.”
    “I am the manager,” Roman snarled. “Get
to work you two. You and me, we will get to know each other later,” he added to
    “Don’t mind him,” Mila muttered, shoving
a menu into Janet’s hands. “You have to know all the dishes by heart. We take
orders without taking notes. Everything is committed to memory, and that’s not
counting the specials, which change daily.”
    The instructions that were imparted on
Janet over the next two hours were overwhelming to say the least. She didn’t
remember waitressing being this complicated, but then she had never worked at a
five star restaurant before.
    “Don’t sweat it,” Mila assured her.
“I’ll be there to help you out if you need me. Of course I get half of your
tips while you’re in training.”
    Janet nodded. She didn’t get this job
for the tips. “Do the busboys get their share after that?”
    “Don’t you worry about the busboys.
While you’re in training, I’m the only one you need to share with.”
    Before she knew it, it was seven
o’clock. Janet smoothed her dress and ran her hands over her hair. Just relax,
she thought, you are here to learn about Petr Kovar. Make friends with the
staff, try to get them to open up and keep an eye on the patrons. Waitressing
is only a cover up. How hard can it be?
    “Janet!” Mila’s voice snapped Janet to
attention. “I need you on table one right now.”
    “Be right there.” Janet hurried to table
one, or at least she was fairly certain that it was table one since it was the
closest table to the entrance.
    “Good evening, my name is Janet. I will
be taking care of you this evening,” she rattled off the greeting that Mila had
drummed into her.
    “Taking care of us? I like that,” said
one of the men at the table. He was dressed in a collared shirt with blue

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