A Season of Love

A Season of Love by Amy Clipston Read Free Book Online

Book: A Season of Love by Amy Clipston Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amy Clipston
Tags: Fiction, Amish & Mennonite
her surprise, Jessica had accepted her choice.
    “Other than your cold,” Lindsay began, “how are things?”
    “They’re okay,” Jessica said. “I’d love to see you, but I need to pack and get back to Richmond. Classes start soon.”
    “Are you stopping by here on your way back to school?” Lindsay asked.
    “I don’t think I’m going to have time,” Jessica said. “I need to finish up a few projects at work, but I’ll see.”
    “It would be great to see you, and maybe you could see Jake. You didn’t leave things on a good note with him, and I imagine you never called him. Am I right?” Lindsay fiddled with the phone cord while she waited for her sister’s response.
    Jessica sighed again. “You’re right. I haven’t called him, and he hasn’t called me either.”
    “Have you thought about calling him?”
    “I’ve thought about it.” Jessica sneezed and then coughed.
    “Jess,” Lindsay said with a frown, “you sound terrible. Have you been to the doctor?”
    “No.” Jessica moaned. “I need some of Mom’s homemade soup.”
    Lindsay’s mouth formed a sad smile. “I wish I could whip some up and bring it to you.”
    “I do too.” Jessica coughed again. “I guess I better go. I feel like crashing on the couch with a good movie.”
    “I think you need sleep more than you need to watch a movie,” Lindsay said.
    “Yes, Mom,” Jessica responded with a weak laugh. “I’ll talk to you soon. Give my love to Rebecca, Daniel, and the kids.”
    “I will. They send their love to you too. Bye, Jess.”
    “Bye,” Jessica said.
    Lindsay hung up the phone, grabbed the flashlight from the counter, and headed back to the house. While stepping into the kitchen, Lindsay smiled. She’d finally gotten Jessica to accept the fact that she was going to be Amish. Bridging that gap of understanding between her and her sister was a weight off her shoulders. Perhaps Jessica would finally respect Lindsay’s decisions. It’s about time.
    Katie smiled while walking between Lindsay and Lizzie Anne through the streets of Bird-in-Hand Saturday afternoon. “I’m so glad Mammi could come over today and take care of Aenti Rebecca so the three of us could go out.”
    “I agree,” Lizzie Anne said. “It’s been too long since we’ve all been.”
    Lindsay pointed to a bookstore. “Can we stop in here? I wanted to get something for Aenti Rebecca since I didn’t bring her a gift from Virginia.”
    “That’s a great idea,” Katie said. “I know she loves to read to pass the time. I’ll get her a book too.”
    “Wunderbaar , ” Lizzie Anne said. “Let’s shop!”
    For the next thirty minutes, Katie, Lindsay, and Lizzie Anne browsed the store, holding up Christian novels and comparing the covers.
    Katie perused the bookshelves, glancing at the non-fiction books beside the rows of novels. When she found a baby namebook, she lifted it and grinned. “Lizzie Anne and Lindsay,” she called. “Look at this. Should we get it for Aenti Rebecca?”
    Lizzie Anne took the book. “Oh ya,” she said, playing along with Katie’s joke. Let’s look at the girls’ names.” She flipped through the pages. “How about Tiffany? What do you think of Tiffany Kauffman? Isn’t that Amish?”
    “My turn,” Lindsay said, grabbing the book. “I found a boy name. How does Colby Cody Kauffman sound?”
    Lizzie Anne and Katie laughed so loud that other bookstore customers turned to study them.
    “Let me look,” Katie said, and Lindsay handed her the book. “I’ll see if there’s a better girl’s name since I have a hunch Aenti Rebecca is going to have a girl.” She turned back to the section of girls’ names. “I got it. Paris Brittany Ashley Kauffman.” She and her friends had to wipe tears from their eyes after their laughter ended.
    “That is the best Amish name yet,” Lindsay said.
    “I agree,” Lizzie Anne said.
    Katie noticed other customers were still watching them while they made their way back to

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