A Weekend Temptation

A Weekend Temptation by Krista Caley Read Free Book Online

Book: A Weekend Temptation by Krista Caley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Krista Caley
Tags: Contemporary
but too nervous to plead. It would happen when he decided it would.
    “It’s been a long trip. Tonight, you sleep here, alone. Tomorrow, we explore the island and each other. I’ll wake you when breakfast arrives in the morning.”
    That was it? This was how the first day of her sexual exploration with Joel Stanfield would end? She groaned in frustration. No way would she sleep after he’d awakened her body and turned it to liquid fire.
    But her ears rang from the jet’s engine noise, and her eyelids dropped like metal weights were tied to them. To her surprise, as soon as her head hit the pillow, sleep swallowed her.

Chapter Five
    “Wake up, sleepy head, it’s nine thirty.” A deep voice rumbled into Ava’s dreams.
    She pulled a pillow over her face.
    The pillow was yanked off, along with her warm covers.
    “Hey!” Vacation was about sleeping late and having no schedule, wasn’t it?
    “C’mon, breakfast is ready. We need to eat while it’s hot.”
    Joel didn’t wait for her to dress, just grabbed her hand and hauled her out of bed. He led her to a small round table set on the beach. Palm trees rustled on either side, standing like totem poles shading their table. Heavenly azure water lapped the shore line. White sand stretched out for miles in either direction.
    She inhaled the clean ocean air and tasted the salt on her lips. She didn’t hear taxi horns, or her condo’s trash truck, or the pounding bass of her neighbor’s techno band. The only sounds were the soft buzz of the hut’s generator and the island’s only neighbor, a lone brown pelican lurking at the water’s edge, fluffing his feathers.
    The postcard view made Ava decide she could do island life. She might be a life-long city girl, but being here, eating breakfast on the beach with a chiseled god of a man, was paradise on earth. Yes, she could get used to traveling via luxury jet, vacationing on a private island, and having a staff deliver breakfast or whatever else she could dream up.
    But this wasn’t something she could afford to get used to. This was a temporary excursion to enjoy and file away under dreamy once-in-a-lifetime memories.
    She squinted into the sunshine and saw a long, weathered, gray dock off the left side of the beach. In the distance, a small powerboat cut through the water, creating a large white wake, carrying Joel’s discreet staff away, leaving them alone.
    Butterflies collided against her stomach lining. Today was the day she would give herself to Joel. She would be his. After twelve months of wanting, she would have him in the most intimate, possessive way.
    Joel cleared his throat and held the chair for her. He’d been waiting, a few seconds longer than normal. She rushed to sit. When she did, he laid her napkin on her lap. Five star service, as far as she was concerned.
    He settled into his chair, and as he poured her orange juice, she zeroed in on his long, bronze fingers. What would those fingers be doing to her body after breakfast?
    “Coffee?” he asked.
    She nodded, and he filled another cup. She was surprised to see the steam rising from it. The coffee was still hot? His staff must live close, otherwise the coffee would have cooled by now.
    She blew into her cup, then took a tentative sip. Yum. The coffee was her favorite blend, a sweet caramel. He remembered.
    She grabbed her fork and looked down at her plate, heaping with everything she loved—pancakes, eggs, bacon, and a sinful chocolate crepe with raspberry sauce.
    At her nod, he poured until she raised a hand.
    “Only you could arrange five-star service out here in the middle of island no-where.” She cut her pancake.
    “Even though we’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing I can’t give you. Just say the word.”
    “Snorkel gear?” She’d always wanted to learn to snorkel. If she wasn’t mistaken, the plan was to explore the island then each other.
    Or did she have it backward?
    “Yes, both snorkeling and diving

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