Ace of Spades (Underground Affair Series Book 1)

Ace of Spades (Underground Affair Series Book 1) by Michelle Iannarelli Read Free Book Online

Book: Ace of Spades (Underground Affair Series Book 1) by Michelle Iannarelli Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Iannarelli
Tags: Book 1, Underground Affair Series
yanked her up and laid her down on the table. He pushed her dress up and her underwear down. He grabbed a condom from his wallet and rolled it on. Then he grabbed Lucy and pulled her closer as he plunged his cock inside her.
    “You feel so good, so hard.”
    Ace slowed down his pace so that he could lean over and kiss Lucy. Lucy wrapped her arms around his neck. Ace whispered in her ear, “I’ve wanted you so bad…”
    “You’re all I think about, Ace.”
    Lucy started wriggling beneath him. Ace took that as his cue to get moving again and he did. Hearing Lucy moan his name pushed him over the edge and he came. Ace pulled out, took off the condom and placed it in the trash.
    “Ace, can we start over?”
    Lucy hopped down from the table and pulled up her panties. Then she walked over to Ace who was buttoning up his pants.
    “I think we just did.”
    Lucy kissed Ace and then she grabbed a towel and started cleaning up the whipped cream off of the table and floor.
    “I’m going to take out the trash before your dad comes home and sees a condom in it.”
    “My dad loves you, in fact I would bet he set us up tonight.”
    “He might love me but I’m not sure how I’m going to look him in the face tomorrow at work, knowing that I had his daughter on his kitchen table.” Ace winked and walked out the back door with the trash.
    Lucy continued cleaning up. Ace walked back in and kissed Lucy, then he headed over to the sink to wash his hands. As he reached to shut off the water he saw a very large, shiny diamond ring. He picked it up and walked over to Lucy.
    “Is this yours?”
    Lucy turned around to see what Ace was talking about, when she did the smile she had on her face faded away. She just stared at him.
    “Answer me, Lucy!”
    “Yes, but…”
    “But, but what? I can’t believe this. I thought…”
    “Ace, please let me explain.”
    Ace handed the ring to Lucy and walked over to the table and grabbed his wallet and stuffed it back in his pocket. Lucy grabbed him by the elbow.
    “Don’t leave, please, please, let me explain.”
    Ace refused to turn around and talk to Lucy.
    “I’m leaving now. Goodbye, Lucy.”
    Ace walked out the door. Lucy sat down and burst into tears. She went from one of the happiest moments of her life, to one of the saddest in a matter of minutes.

    Ace arrived at the Underground to find Chace and Declan sitting at the bar drinking.
    “Hey guys.”
    “Ace, what’s up?”
    “I’m fucking stupid is what, Chace.”
    Jenna walked over smiling.
    “Hey, Ace. What’s your poison?”
    “Bring me a bottle of Jack and a glass.”
    Jenna brought back the bottle and a glass. She poured Ace a drink and then she winked at Declan and walked away.
    “Dec, you fucked her too? You dog.”
    “Damn, Dec.”
    Declan finally turned towards Ace. Ace saw his black eye.
    “Dec, who gave you that shiner?”
    “I don’t want to talk about it.”
    Chace got up to go to the bathroom. On his way he found himself checking out a beautiful blonde with the most mouthwatering ass.
    “So Dec, you going to talk or what?”
    “Shane’s the one who gave me the black eye.”
    “Were you helping him train for the big fight tomorrow?”
    “The big fight was today in my office.”
    “Shit Dec, what happened?”
    “Your turn. How’d you get that knot on your head?”
    “Lucy and I don’t want to talk about her, ever again.”
    Ace got up and walked out. On his way, he passed Chace who was coming back from the bathroom.
    “You leaving?”
    “I’m going to go sleep on the couch in my office. I drank way too much to drive.”
    “Hey Cutie, want to have a drink with my friend and I?”
    “I think I already had too much, but thank you.”
    “Just one teeny, tiny drinkie? Your friend can come too.”
    Before Ace got to open his mouth Chace replied, “Sure, we’d love too.”
    “We would, Chace?”
    “We’ll be right over, Darling.”
    The girl walked back over to her friend. Ace started

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