Action (Hollywood Nights (Book 7))

Action (Hollywood Nights (Book 7)) by Cara North Read Free Book Online

Book: Action (Hollywood Nights (Book 7)) by Cara North Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cara North
it as long as he had coffee.
                  “What did I miss?” Bruce asked as he took his seat.
                  “Dagney told her about the knickers,” Foster said. Dagney looked at Foster like she was going to strangle him. “What, luv? You did.”
                  “Seriously, Dags.” He looked at his sister. She shrugged. He looked at Harmony. She was looking at her iced coffee. “I’m sorry.”
                  “Why didn’t you ask me?” She looked up at him. Her hazel eyes stormed with hurt and anger he was sure of it. “Why did you have her do it?”
    She nodded. He admitted, “Because if you said no, you were saying no to her and not me.” He lifted his left shoulder in a half shrug. “I wanted to see you, and I couldn’t wait for you to come to me.”
    “If it’s any consolation.” Foster with a cup of coffee in him was awake and interactive now. “I’ve done far worse to talk to Dagney before I even got to see her knickers.”
    The food arrived just in time. Harmony looked at the plate and picked up the fork. He reached for her plate and pulled it towards him. She looked up at him and he winked at her. He picked up his own fork and knife and cut the biscuits and gravy into bite sized chunks. He pushed the plate towards her.
    “I feel like a child.” She looked at the plate.
    She didn’t get up and run away once she knew everyone knew they had been together. He took that as a positive sign. He wasn’t going to hide his affections towards her. He leaned in close to her ear and said, “You look like a gorgeous woman to me.”
    He pressed a kiss to her cheek . As he started to eat, he looked at the peanut gallery across the table. Foster smiled that commiserating smile guys shared when it came to complicated women. Dagney nodded. He suspected she only really wanted to know if he was going to ruin her good name with Harmony and everyone else at her job, or if he held a real interest in her. Satisfied he wasn’t just fucking her friend, she settled down. 
    Dagney had driven with him and Foster to the location though it was just around the corner from where they lived. The two of them had plans to tend to after breakfast. It suited Bruce just fine. “May I escort you home?”
    “You’re going to the same place.” She smiled at him.
    He moved to stand on her left side. He boldly stretched his hand out to grip hers. She looked at him and asked, “What are you doing?”
    “Holding your hand.” He was simply going to force his way into her life. He played offense; surely he could be aggressive though it wasn’t in his nature off the field. He had always been awkward as a teenager, bigger than most of his peers. Shy in college, though he had his share of experiences, he wasn’t usually the one to initiate this stuff.
    “Why are you holding my hand?” she asked, but she didn’t let go.
    “I’m new around here. I don’t want to get lost.” He winked at her.
    She laughed. “So it was that good for you?”
    “It’s not the sex. Well,” he corrected. “It’s not just the sex. You’re…someone I want to know. You’re brave, determined, and independent. You speak your mind, but you are considerate of others.”
    “You got all that in the last twenty-four hours?” She stopped and they faced one another.
    “I pay pretty good attention when something interests me.” He tugged her a step closer.
    “You know I’m just a regular girl, right? I work a full-time job, usually at night. I was covering someone else’s shift the other day. I work in the evenings so I can go on auditions when I get the opportunity to during the day.” She was trying to give him reasons not to pursue this. He was sure of it. Her lips were moving but he was not listening. She was in the middle of saying something and he leaned in and kissed her.
    “You know that kiss—” He cut her off again with another

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