Amber & Lochlann (Flesh & Blood)

Amber & Lochlann (Flesh & Blood) by E.M Reders Read Free Book Online

Book: Amber & Lochlann (Flesh & Blood) by E.M Reders Read Free Book Online
Authors: E.M Reders
sides so tiny they looked like delicate threads, a small triangle at the top of her peached ass. He had the urge to rip them from her body, they would be so easy to break.
    Moving back towards him she lowered herself onto his lap and leaned her back against him, head resting on his shoulder. Well if she hadn’t noticed his raging hard on every time she had danced for him she knew about it now. He was so hard already, and now she was rubbing and grinding her naked ass against it, her head thrown back giving him a perfect view of her breasts and a perfect aim for her neck and the blood pumping beneath the skin.
    No! He told himself, he would not take that which was not given.
    His fingers were aching from his grip on the chair, his mouth aching from holding back his fangs that longed to be released. The sight of her neck exposed, and so close to his mouth was driving him mad with desire. The smell of the sweet n ectar flowing through her veins was singing to him. It was more potent than ever with her heightened arousal. He had always known she was attracted to him, had sensed her attraction, smelled her arousal a few times, but it had never been this strong. He could smell the sweet honey of it dripping from her, knew that her little black thong would be soaked. As she continued to grind against him she opened her legs, placing one either side of his own, letting him get his first glance at the front of her underwear, the pattern of the lace front teasing him, allowing him the knowledge that she was shaven but not giving him a decent look at the beauty below that he so longed to touch, to taste.  He could sense her desire, her want, her need building and building. Moving his gaze up her body to her face he found her staring at him, eyes heavy with lust. Running her hands up her body she began caressing her breasts, twisting and pulling at the nipples, elongating them more. How he wished it was his hands on her body.
    As if reading his mind she took his hands from their self-restrained position on the arms of the chair and went to place them on her hips. “Touch me Lochlann, please,” she begged when he stopped the movement. While he would like nothing better than to do just that he needed her to voice that she truly wanted him to.
    “Please,” she whispered.
    “You have to be sure that this is what you want.”
    “Yes please,” she begged again grinding harder against him.
    Slowly he allowed her to place his hands on her h ips. “You are in control of this Amber, complete control. Guide my hands where you want them, move them as you like.” And she did. Her hands placed over his own she guided them along her flesh, over her stomach, her hips, thighs. Leaving one on her leg she slid the other up her body to her breasts. As soon as he felt her nipple rub against the underneath of his hand he could take no more and began to massage her breast, she removed her hand as his took control.
    “Oh yes,” she gasped as he pulled at her nippl e before moving on to the other one. The hand she still had hold of she began to move up her inner thigh, her breath hitching as she placed his hand on her mound. He could feel the dampness of the material, proving her arousal. She removed her hand but he restrained himself, determined not to move his own until she vocalised what she wanted.
    “I want you to touch me Lochlann, to touch me there.”
    He didn’t need telling twice.
    At her words he rubbed his palm against her before slipping his hand down inside h er thong, causing her to moan and rub against him again, the dance long since forgotten. She was so wet. His fingers soaked in her arousal he pushed first one than another finger into her slick folds, beginning a steady rhythm, his thumb finding that magic little nub that would help send her soaring into bliss. As he worked her with one hand the other continued teasing her firm breasts.
    She was close, her heart racing. “I'm going to come,” she gasped as her

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