American Revenant (Book 2): Settlers and Sorrow

American Revenant (Book 2): Settlers and Sorrow by John L. Davis IV Read Free Book Online

Book: American Revenant (Book 2): Settlers and Sorrow by John L. Davis IV Read Free Book Online
Authors: John L. Davis IV
Tags: Zombies
out from there. 
comfortable shelter already in place it was believed that the majority of their
time could be spent in securing the camp, and ensuring there was enough food
and water to get through the winter without any problems.  They would still
have to spend time filtering and boiling the water.  Long term food storage
would difficult, especially meats, without some type of freezer or
on the observations of the scouting party it was decided, as a group, that they
would move everyone and everything to the camp over the coming days.  Though
they did not feel as hurried to get moved as they had when they were trying to
escape Hannibal, time was a factor.  There was a lot of work to be done in a
short amount of time.
world, the whole world, had turned inside out and upside down in early August. 
The first week of September was only a few days away.  They figured they had at
least two months before cold weather set in, possibly three if they were very
lucky.  Though they had learned quickly not to stake lives on luck. 
lasted well into the evening, with people dozing fitfully near the fire.  No
one wanted to turn in for the night, not when they had just been given news
that to them felt as exciting as Christmas morning.   Isolationism was now
something to be sought out, not an aberrant mindset.  To be set off from
others, far back in the woods away from heavily populated areas would be a
comfort.  Spending less time worrying about zombies creeping up on them at
every moment, while spending more time living, even if living was simply
surviving, would be a wonderful thing.
was still awake, while Lisa had fallen asleep leaning against him.  He held
her, both for comfort and to keep her from falling over.
me, do you guys really think we can make this work.  I’ve been to the camp a
few times, I know what it’s like, but can we really turn that place into a
we can,” Gordy spoke quietly, not wanting to disturb anyone sleeping. 
“Everybody is kind of high on the thought of it at the moment; they don’t quite
see how much work it’s going to take.  And it will take a lot of work. 
But yes, I know we can make it not only safe and secure, but a home, for
nodded, hoping his friend would say just that.  “That “for everyone” brings up
another question.  Are we going to bring others in, or are we just going to
keep it strictly us?”
had listened quietly, half dozing, but perked up when Mike said, “I’m curious
about that.  We all know there is strength in numbers, but how do we trust
anyone?  Can we afford to risk bringing other people in?  Can we afford not
are good questions,” Gordy said, “but I don’t think we can just decide ‘yes’ or
‘no’ on something like that.  It would most likely have to be a case by case
basis, wouldn’t you think?  Which brings up something else.
know you guys have considered me the leader of our happy little family, but
regarding important decisions I think we should have a council of five or six
people that make decisions affecting the entire group.  I would be a lot more
comfortable with that, than one person having carte blanche.”
not a bad idea, Gordy.  It might be a good idea to have one person in charge of
security, one in charge of health, another in charge of food and water, and so
on.  The people that hold those positions make up the council.  That way, the
council will always be able to voice all concerns for the overall group.”
good thought, Rick.  And thanks for volunteering for Head of

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