An Heiress For The Bear (Sarkozy Brothers 2)
stilled over the paper, the veins across the top of his wrist growing prominent as he tensed. Kat had to force herself to draw her gaze away from his hand, with its tanned skin, and the sprinkling of hair at the top of his wrists.
    She cleared her throat and turned to look at him as he asked, "Are you sure?"
    He was inches from her now, and Kat was beginning to wonder how she managed to get herself into these situations where Lukas was concerned.

14. LUKAS  

    A GAIN L UKAS FOUND HIMSELF INCHES from her delectable lips, and he wasn't about to stop himself.
    Kat sucked in a breath, and her lips quivered as he closed in.
    Lukas's fingers curled around her neck as he claimed her lips. The kiss was full and passionate, his tongue delving deep. She trembled, breathing hard, shivering against him, kissing him back as if starved.
    Somehow she had risen to her feet, somehow their arms were around each other, the kiss taking control of them. His hand went to her waist, rising higher, closing over her breast. Even through the fabric of her silk blouse, he could feel her swell beneath his fingers, strain against his hand as if she wanted more.
    Her hands went to his chest, running over his shoulders as she pulled him close.
    When had it ever been this good with a woman? Lukas thought.
    This was insane and unlike anything he'd ever experienced.
    He pressed against her, his desire clear from the hard-on that ground against the vee between her legs. She was pressing back just as eagerly, the silky fabric of her suit pants hiding nothing from him. He took two steps back, taking her with him as he sank to the sofa. Kat came with him, landing on his lap, straddling him.
    She was perfect.
    He unbuttoned her blouse, his hand nudging the lacy bra aside as his fingers closed over her bare breast. With his other hand, he grabbed her hip and pulled her hard against him. His erection was pressed up against her heat, as close as he could possibly get without taking off all their clothes.
    She let out a soft moan, and as he bent to claim her bared nipple, his cellphone rang.
    Kat flew off his lap, her fingers fumbling for her buttons as he cancelled the call from Marek. He'd phone him back after he was done with Kat.
    He followed her as she stepped back, kissing her lips as he breathed hard against her soft mouth. She leaned in, kissing him back even as she continued to button herself up.
    "I can't do this," she said as he pressed his lips to her neck, biting down on her skin as he nipped a line back to her mouth.
    "Why not? You like it," he said as he claimed her mouth again.
    She gasped, then let out a groan as he bit softly on her tongue. "I don't even like you." He slid his hand around her waist, cupping her ass and squeezing hard, bringing her to crash against him, to feel his arousal.
    "You don't like me?" he whispered against her ear, shifting his hand between her legs. He squeezed, the pressure making her cry out and arch against his palm. "I like the way you don't like me."
    Someone passed outside the boardroom door, and Kat stiffened, moving out of Lukas's reach. Her lips were swollen, her buttons done up all wrong.
    "This shouldn't have happened," she whispered.
    She looked so lost that Lukas strode toward her. With the table behind her, she had nowhere to go. "Whatever happened was because we both liked it. Nothing to be regretful about." He dropped his hands to her blouse and began to unbutton her. "You're done up all wrong."
    She brushed his hand off. "I can manage."
    "I'm sure you can, but since I was the one who got them undone in the first place, I think I owe it to you to make it right."
    As he redid the buttons, his knuckles brushed against her nipples, making her gasp. But she didn't step away. She was breathing hard as he did the top button, and when he looked into her eyes, he knew he could get lost in them.
    But the boardroom wasn't the place.
    She stepped out of his grasp.
    "I think... this shouldn't happen again," she said

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