An Unexpected Love Story (Love Story Book Two)

An Unexpected Love Story (Love Story Book Two) by Rachel Schurig Read Free Book Online

Book: An Unexpected Love Story (Love Story Book Two) by Rachel Schurig Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rachel Schurig
Tags: General Fiction
slight turn of my head revealed John sitting there, seemingly oblivious to her longing.
    I looked back at Paul. He was smirking, and there was a knowing look in his eyes. Well, there was no point in trying to deny it now.
    “Shut up, Paul,” I said, going to sit at the bar.
    He jumped up on the stool beside me. “Seriously, Brooke. From Kellie, I can understand, but you’re supposed to be a grownup. Not some teeny-bopper lusting after an older man.”
    I raised an eyebrow at him. “Kellie is twenty-one years old,” I told him. “Hardly a teeny-bopper. And who said I was lusting?”
    “You obviously are. What’d you do, come running in here as soon as Kellie told you about our new diner?”
    I winked at him. “Here I was, thinking I had waited a respectful amount of time.” He rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry,” I went on. “I actually checked him in this morning, so I’ve already previewed the goods.”
    “He’s a guest? Don’t tell me—the president of the video gamers club, here early to check out the wireless capabilities.”
    It was my turn to roll my eyes. “Nope, just a guest. So you better be nice to him, Paul.” I realized something. “Speaking of guests, is there a reason you’re on this side of the counter?”
    “Yeah, cause there’s barely anyone in here,” he muttered, but he stood all the same and moved to the other side of the bar. “Did you want something?”
    “Glass of white wine,” I said, getting more comfortable on my stool. If I turned just a little, I could see John’s table…but John wasn’t there. Before I had a chance to get over my disappointment, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.
    Spinning around, I came face to face with him. If I had thought the morning of work would be enough to lessen the impact of his gorgeousness, I was wrong. Once again, he took my breath away.
    “Hi, Brooke,” he said, smiling broadly. I felt a ridiculous thrill that he had remembered my name. “I saw you sit down. Are you on your lunch break?”
    “Mmmhmm,” I said, not quite able to form real words yet.
    “Would you like to join me?” He pointed in the direction of his table. Before I even had a chance to think of all the reasons this would be a bad idea, I was nodding and following him over to his table. As I reached for the chair, I suddenly remembered Paul.
    “Oops,” I said, feeling embarrassed. “I forgot my wine. One sec.”
    I rushed back over to the bar, ignoring Kellie’s mouth-open gape. Paul was shaking his head at me, a glass of chilled white wine in front of him.
    “Never thought I’d see the day,” he said, amusement and irritation mixing in his voice. “Brooke Murray actually speechless over a guy.”
    “I was not,” I hissed, grabbing my wine.
    “Mmmhmmm,” he simpered, mocking me as he batted his eyelashes.
    “Oh, shut up.”
    “It’s just funny is all,” he said, leaning over the bar to me. “Now you know what it’s like for all those poor saps that follow you around like puppy dogs.”
    “Do I look like a puppy dog to you, Paul?” I asked, standing up straight, my embarrassment fast turning to irritation. Paul just laughed.
    “Enjoy your lunch.”
    Back at John’s table, I grabbed a chair and set my wine down. I caught sight of Mary, one of the servers, across the room and motioned for her. “I’ll have a steak sandwich, Mary,” I said when she approached. “And a plate of fries, please.”
    I was happy that Mary didn’t seem at all interested in the fact that I was eating with a customer. I guess it wasn’t all that odd—my parents and I often ate in the dining room. Just not usually with someone quite this gorgeous.
    “So, how’s your room?” I asked, turning my attention back to John.
    “It’s very nice,” he said, setting his sandwich down. “Not what I was expecting.”
    “You weren’t expecting nice?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.
    “No, no,” he said, shaking his head. “It’s obvious this is a nice place. You

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