Angelique by Dixie Lynn Dwyer Read Free Book Online

Book: Angelique by Dixie Lynn Dwyer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dixie Lynn Dwyer
tall guy with the tight jeans and the big muscles? She felt the scaffolding shake and knew that someone had joined her. Oh shit.
    “Looking good, darling.” The sound of a deep voice different than Armand’s voice attacked her body. It was as if she was instantly turned on by the voice alone, and how the hell did she know that it wasn’t Armand? She swallowed hard then turned to look at who joined her and who the deep, sexy voice belonged to. Her eyes collided with a utility belt, long, jean-covered legs, and construction boots. As she raised her eyes slowly until she finally reached his face and eyes, her heart skipped a beat. Son of a bitch. He was gorgeous, and by the smirk that covered his face and what she hoped was a blush from her drooling, he winked at her. His green eyes sparkled with mischief, and his chiseled jaw set firmly as he watched her.
    “I’m Marcel, Armand’s brother,” he stated as he reached his hand out for her to shake it. Did she dare touch him? He looked like a sexual fantasy wearing the utility belt, the big muscles, and tight shirt, never mind his good looks. No, she shouldn’t touch him, but she didn’t want to be rude. She took a deep breath and placed the tool down on the top of the bucket.
    “I’m Angelique,” she told him, and he took her hand into his own and squeezed. Big mistake. She shouldn’t have touched him. A shot of heat sprung from her fingertips to her wrist then up her arm. She pulled away and turned back toward the window.
    She heard him move behind her as he started to gather some spackle to help her. The space was small, especially with such a large man. This scaffolding wasn’t made for two people.
    “I can handle this fine alone. So if you have something else to do, go do it,” she told him as her voice cracked. Damn, this guy was intimidating. He was almost as intimidating as Eloi. Thoughts of Eloi filled her mind, and damn it, if her pussy didn’t just ache and leak from the thought. She was embarrassed and shocked at her body’s reaction. Three brothers in two days and she couldn’t help but wonder if the fourth brother were just as appealing close up as he was standing by Armand and Marcel a few minutes ago. If that was their brother? It had to be. He looked just like the other three. She swallowed hard and tried to focus.
    “Nothing to do but this job. It was mine anyways, so if anyone has to leave, it would be you,” he stated in a fierce tone, and when she turned in shock at his words, she caught the gleam in his eyes and the joking expression on his face.
    “Just kidding, Angel. Trying to break the ice, I guess,” he told her, and she wondered why he called her Angel.
    “The name’s Angelique,” she told him.
    He looked her over and smiled.
    “With the way that sun is shining through the windows behind you, you look like an Angel to me,” he told her, and she felt her jaw drop and her belly clench. Damn, he was good at flirting. She felt herself blush and get some weird sensation inside. She tried to hide her attraction to him.
    “Whatever,” she stated then turned back to working. She heard him chuckle, and a moment later, they were working side by side. Before long, he was striking up small talk and she was chatting away, amazed at how nice he was. They worked together, and silly her was beginning to really find him interesting and of course attractive. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t be attracted to a gorgeous, six feet plus, ex-military officer dressed in construction gear? She blamed her attraction on the scent of his enticing cologne and pleasant personality. His dimples were pretty lethal, too. He told her about him being in the army and that he was a lieutenant and about his brother Remy. A few times Remy climbed up to bring them bottles of water and chat a little, too. Her heart didn’t think she could take too much more of the sexy Lafont men. Remy was adorable. He had such a genuinely nice demeanor that she felt

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