Animal Nature: A Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas)

Animal Nature: A Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas) by Susan G. Charles Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Animal Nature: A Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas) by Susan G. Charles Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan G. Charles
dislike each other so much.”
    Sonya rolled her eyes, but she could not argue with her sister, she had been right. It amazed her that it had taken her this long to realize how much she really did enjoy Clay’s company and after the night they shared together in the cave, she had no regrets about her decision to mate with him. She could tell from the way he was steadily gazing at her, that he did not either.
    Lynda kissed Clay on the cheek, winked at her sister and then turned back to her mate grabbing his arms as she pulled him away with a hungry look in her eyes. It was a different kind of hunger than what Ben would have liked, but he had come to know the look very well. “Can we go home now Ben, please? I’m cold and hungry. But mostly just hungry. It’s way past breakfast – practically lunch time if you ask me. And how about some pickles when we get there… and goat cheese? Ooh, do we still have some cantaloupes and maybe some of that honey bread too? Watermelon will do too if the cantaloupes are all gone  – would you like that?” The alpha couple walked away, with Lynda continuing a suggestion of increasingly stomach churning food combinations to her patiently listening mate, smiling at every word.
    Giggling, Sonya rested her head against her new mate’s cold shoulder and pulled the blanket around him too. “Looks like I got you into trouble again, Clay. Sorry about that,” she giggled again as she shifted the blanket about them both. In fact, when she looked up at him she saw that he was smiling that wry smile of his too. The big man chuckled himself in reply to her laughter, pulled the blanket out of her hands, picked her up, and, swinging her around, kissed her soundly on the lips as he headed back toward the darkness of the cave.
    “Don’t be. I wouldn’t have you any other way, my She-Cat, my Sonya, my love. I wouldn’t have you any other way!” And with that, they both entered back into the safety and darkness of their cave, their hideaway and their newly formed love nest, ready for whatever was ahead of them.

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    An unsuspected knock came to the door of their cabin. It wasn’t an outrageous “beat-your-door-down” knock, but it was loud enough to startle the sisters from the relaxing comfort of a peaceful breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, and tall glasses of milk, all from their livestock. Curiously enough, the meal came from their livestock that had also been mysteriously vanishing throughout the month, slowly but surely, without a trace.
    The sisters’ eyes bulged as they gazed at one another in unison. Since when has it been that they’d received a visitor in the beginning hours of the day? The roosters had just first crowed not long ago. Who could it be at this hour of the morning and what could this person on the other side of that door possibly want? Maybe it was their farm animals’ predator, or a wanderer that was lost in the woods that crossed their path by chance and perhaps might be injured and needing assistance.
    Linda tapped her slimming index finger on her lips three times before whispering, “Not yet,” to her sister and focused on Sonya’s sparkling, blue eyes. The young ladies then broke their intense three second eye contact and separated about the room. Linda sprung from her seat with a twist toward the bedroom and tiptoed through the dining area, over the hardwood as if it were on fire, en route to the door.
    Sonya’s blond hair repetitively swayed from left to right, her blue eyes rummaging about the two-level bungalow out of control and she quietly moved about the room. She cautiously looked out all of the windows, the two in the living room the one behind her, and the one at the end of the hallway, trying not to be seen by the mysterious stranger on the other side of the front

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