Ann Carr

Ann Carr by Loyal Warrior Read Free Book Online

Book: Ann Carr by Loyal Warrior Read Free Book Online
Authors: Loyal Warrior
for the first time she did not have her father’s protection from it.
    Elizabeth didn’t see the clenched fist moving towards her, nor did she see the hand that grabbed that arm in mid swing. Henry shook off the restraining hand, making a note to deal with the offender later.  He once again bent down, grabbing her arm and yanked her back to her feet. Letting out a startled cry at the contact, Elizabeth’s eyes popped open to find herself standing face to face with her brother.
    “I’ll give you one last chance Elizabeth! Call him back now! I know what you can do with that horse!”
    Sadly shaking her head, Elizabeth whispered “I can’t Henry. He’s too far away.” Before the last word had completely left her lips Henry’s fist was making smashing contact with her face, it was only his grip on her arm which prevented her from landing at his feet again. Instead she awkwardly dangled from his hold. Tears stung her eyes, but determinedly she would not let them fall. Trying to pull herself together Elizabeth won back her footing and raised her head to meet her brother eye to eye. With determination stiffening her spine she forcefully responded.
    “I said I cannot call him back! You have no choice but to believe me”.
    “You’ll pay for this Elizabeth!” Henry took a threatening step forwards. By God! But he would make sure she knew to whom her loyalties belonged. He should have ignored his father’s bidding and pulled her into line long ago! He would not stand for such insolence from anyone, especially his own family!
    “Do what you will to me Henry, but I cannot do your bidding. Even if I could, I tell you now, I would not!” she screamed defiantly in his face.
    “ENOUGH! Henry enough!” Startled everyone turned at Richards shout, his arrival going unnoticed, everyone’s attention had been fully focused on the two combatants.
    Richard had noticed the gathered group of men from the top of the hill while he’d been out looking for Elizabeth, who had been missing from camp. Intrigued he had come to investigate, only to witness Henry assaulting Elizabeth. Spurred on, Richard had no time to think, he only knew he had to stop the scene which he knew would play out before him. Knowing all he had on his side was surprise, he took advantage of it, managing to startle Henry before his retaliation.
    Now, with all eyes directed at him, Richard felt himself falter, not quite knowing what to do next. He knew he would pay dearly for this, but there could be no backing down now.
    “Think Henry! She’s getting married tomorrow! Do you want to go back and tell father that the alliance never happened because Elizabeth didn’t make it to the alter? What do you think would be his reaction when he found out what happened?”
    “What he’s saying actually makes sense Henry. However angry you are, it’s important that she marries this Campbell tomorrow. By harming her you are only hurting our cause!” One of the men urged.
    Decision made the men turned as one, mounted their horses and all but Henry cantered off towards camp. He paused momentarily to stare menacingly at Richard “Watch your back boy! Because one day you’ll pay for this!” With those words hanging in the air Henry follow his men back to camp, to begin making preparations for the following day.
    Both Richard and Elizabeth watched his departure in silence, both aware of the terrible consequences that would one day befall them because of their actions here today. Turning, Elizabeth looked up at her young brother, as the youngest of the family she had always seen him as a child, but today, in her eyes he had become a man. She only hoped she could live with the knowledge that through helping one young boy she’d managed to endanger another. As of tomorrow there would be nothing she could do to protect him. His fate would be in his own hands, as would her own.
    “Richard?” she moved towards him, and watched as a brave smile trembled upon his lips. No more

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