At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew)

At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew) by Selena Illyria Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew) by Selena Illyria Read Free Book Online
Authors: Selena Illyria
Tags: BDSM, Erotic Romance, interracial romance

Chapter Five
    Rena sat on the transport to the Nevada 896-04 Spaceport. When she’d first arrived on Earth, two months earlier, she had stayed in her apartment, getting up only to eat, use the bathroom, and shower. She had repeated the routine mindlessly, without thought or care. She was in too much turmoil.
    Drogan had betrayed her. He hadn’t even tried to protect her or destroy the disc. She understood his sense of duty and loyalty to his ship and crew, but in those moments in his office, he had made it clear where she stood with him. Drogan was known to go to great lengths for his crew, but she was not part of his crew; she was just someone he had hired. He could have turned a blind eye. He could have hushed it up. But he hadn’t. He had followed the letter of the law and suspended her, telling her that she needed a break, needed time to think about what she had done.
    Rena knew that was bullshit. She didn't need a break or time to think. She needed to show him she could still do her job, despite her feelings. But clearly he hadn't valued her enough to keep her on his crew. That is what hurt most of all. He had cast her in the role of a temp unworthy of such loyalty. The years she had worked for him seemed irrelevant to him.
    He hadn’t looked disgusted with her. That was the sole saving grace. There had even been desire in his eyes, on his face, as he had played back the evidence of her so-called “nymphomania,” but his body showed no response.
    After three weeks of moping at her increasingly unaffordable apartment, anger took the place of pain. How dare he cast her aside like some replaceable part? She was the best damn assistant he would ever find in all the quadrants. Rena was mad at herself for being so careless with the disc in the first place, but she was angrier still at Drogan. He could do any of the things she had done and get away with them.
    When Rena had signed onto the Hades’ Helmet, she had heard all about Drogan’s reputation with the ladies. But unlike Jason, Drogan didn’t go after crew members. No, he went after gorgeous women who were models, actresses, daughters of Fed Commanders; anyone beautiful, rich, and powerful was game. Rena had seen his infamous charm in action and envied the women who were his prey. She heard whispers of his bedroom prowess. He was said to be the spaceship captain’s version of Casanova.
    It angered her in ways she couldn’t fathom. She had just been trying to blow off steam at that Fantasy Spa, had been trying to lay her desires to rest so that she could do her job even better. And yet he had suspended her, all for a few harmless fantasies? It just wasn't fair. Jason got away with far worse things. Hell, even Drogan himself should have been fired long ago. The double standard he had used to let her go overwhelmed any sense of self-loathing or sadness she had. Now she was just mad.
    He hadn’t even given the disc back. He said he was keeping it “as evidence.” Rena guessed he was passing it around to all the men on the Hades’ Helmet and having a good laugh about it. Well, Rena was going to get it back, and that’s why she was on her way to Nevada 896-04 Spaceport.
    She knew Drogan’s schedule well. He had reiterated it to her over and over again enough times. She would break into his suite of rooms, get the disc, and get the hell out of there. She had no idea how she would react if she saw him again, but he had meetings all this week and would not be back at the spaceport for ages.
    Rena yawned and glanced up at the clock in the small cabin she had been given in the transport. It had taken nearly all of her savings and then some to get a ticket on the transport on such short notice. They charged extra to stow bags, so she hadn’t brought any luggage. She had only the clothes on her back.
    She ran over the list of things she needed to do. First, she needed to get past his security detail, who were always stationed at the entrance of

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