At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew)

At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew) by Selena Illyria Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew) by Selena Illyria Read Free Book Online
Authors: Selena Illyria
Tags: BDSM, Erotic Romance, interracial romance
gently as light caresses traced the area between his scrotum and back entrance. He thrust upward, the fabric feeling as if it was melting around his cock, squeezing his shaft just under the thick mushroom head, staving off his orgasm.
    He growled in frustration. His hips jerked faster and faster as if trying to punch a hole through the fabric. In the fantasy, he pounded her pussy, sweat sliding down his chest, stomach, arms, forehead. He moved in concert with his fantasy self. Flames licked their way up his spine. His body started to shake. His stomach tightened. He came, crying out Rena’s name.
    His cum hit the cloth. Warm trails of liquid coated his shaft, sliding down his balls. He continued to pump his hips and the blanket continued to squeeze his shaft. The last dribbles of his release slipped down his cock. He closed his eyes, panting in harsh breaths. He swore and shoved the mask off of his face as he tried to sit up. His vision swam and he felt light-headed.
    Anger engulfed him as he fought to regain his breath. He didn’t want fantasies or substitutes. He wanted her , needed her .
    Once his body had calmed down and he had caught his breath, he sat up. The silken fabric slid down his chest, causing shivers to run through him. Bumps broke out on his skin and desire coiled within him. His need for her hadn’t slackened. He was still hungry for the feel of her body against his, her nipples scraping his chest, her nails digging into his shoulders, the scent of her desire surrounding him, mingling with the aroma of sex in the air. He could smell her perfume, feel the softness of her skin against his palms.
    He gritted his teeth. Their arrival at Earth couldn’t come soon enough.
    * * *
    The large blue-green marble glowed with an indescribable light as Rena gazed out the window of Drogan’s office. In a few hours she would be stepping foot on Earth, a planet whose environmental damage had been reversed through alien technology. The oceans were clean, the air purified. Rena knew that one third of Earth’s population had been lost due to nuclear war and disease, but looking down on it from space, it was beautiful.
    Drogan had told her he wanted to go over the results of her monthly review. She tried to calm her body down, but her heart was beating erratically. Heat was dancing along her nerves. Her pussy clenched and her stomach tightened.
    Over the last few weeks she had been having the most erotic dreams about Drogan. Her mind played out all the scenarios that she had experienced at the Fantasy Spa. All the droids’ faces would morph into Drogan’s. It would be Drogan taking her from behind; Drogan fucking her from underneath; Drogan all around her, taking her to heights of pleasure she could only imagine.
    She had become so engrossed in thoughts of her dreams that she hadn’t heard him come in. It didn't help that during her review those fantasies had played out as he had questioned her. When he'd asked her if she felt she had any issues that wouldn't allow her to do her job to the best of her ability, she'd thought of the disc and her fantasies—and those testing machines had ways of detecting stray thoughts. Rena didn't know how that would affect her results. She hoped it wouldn't be enough to lead to any kind of discipline.
    She turned around with a smile on her face but it quickly faltered. Drogan looked serious, and fear rose inside Rena. Something had happened. She tried to think over the last few weeks. Had someone been hurt when they had made their way through the last meteor cluster? Did her stupid fantasies screw up her results?
    “Sit down, Rena, please.” Drogan took his seat behind his desk and gestured toward the visitor’s chair across from him.
    Rena walked over to the chair and sat down, reluctantly. Worry ate at her. She resisted the urge to nibble her bottom lip. “Is someone hurt? What is wrong, Captain? Sir, did something happen?”
    “First, I want to say that I found your

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