At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew)

At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew) by Selena Illyria Read Free Book Online

Book: At Drogan’s Command (Hades Helmet Crew) by Selena Illyria Read Free Book Online
Authors: Selena Illyria
Tags: BDSM, Erotic Romance, interracial romance
extended so his whole body was resting on the cushioned surface.
    A soft whirring sound filled the silent stillness of the room as a small mask rose on a bar from the armrest of the chair. He took the mask and placed it over his face, closing his eyes once again, quelling a sense of claustrophobia that had surfaced. Then he pushed a button on the side of the mask and waited.
    The chair started to vibrate and images began to flit before his eyes, playing on the small black screens that coved the eye slots. It took him awhile to get pulled into what he was seeing. He barely felt the caress of the chair reforming around him, encasing him in silken fabric that wrapped around his body. He drew in a breath when he felt a gentle squeeze on his cock and light, silken touches circling his nipples, plucking the hardened peaks. His balls were being tugged and rolled gently as his fantasy played before his eyes.
    Rena came to him wearing nothing but a red satin sheet. The smooth fabric slowly slipped down her body, uncovering her full, dark chocolate-tipped breasts. Her nipples were already tightened, thick nubs just begging for his mouth to suck them. The fabric slipped down over her slightly rounded belly, exposing her bare mound.
    Drogan’s hips jerked forward. His cock wanted to sink into her hot, wet, tight depths. He yearned to feel the walls of her vagina clench around him as he thrust into her.
    Her thick thighs were exposed to his hungry gaze. He felt soft ripples running up and down his shaft, from root to tip. Soft touches caressed his legs, back, neck, arms, and stomach. He was slowly burning up as he watched Rena turn, exposing her high, rounded ass to his gaze.
    He wanted to see her on all fours, bottom high in the air, begging for him to spank her, to fuck her in her back entrance. Humid air passed his lips in a hiss when his nipples were pinched. Shards of electricity went straight to his groin. His cock twitched in response and he ached to come. He wanted the blessed relief of being drained after an orgasm. He longed for a dreamless sleep, in which Rena didn’t haunt him, in which his guilt for what he was about to do wouldn’t poke and prod him.
    He watched as Rena placed one leg on a semicircular bed, her head turned to look over her shoulder at him. Her luminous, dark brown eyes sparkled with desire and need. Her other leg rose and she proceeded to crawl toward the center, keeping her eyes on him. She was like a sleek jungle cat on the prowl.
    Drogan followed her, climbing onto the bed, eagerness dictating his every movement. Cool air caressed his body. Goose flesh rose on his skin as he made his way toward her. There was no finesse in his movements. His lust, his need for her, had stripped away all of his careful control.
    In his fantasy, he reached out and grabbed her hips, and his fingers dug into the soft firm flesh. Letting go of one hip he took hold of his cock. Without even preparing her, he positioned the head of his shaft at her entrance.
    He nearly came when he entered her, feeling the moist heat of her core. He didn’t stop pushing his hips until he was balls-deep inside of her wet, tight heat. He withdrew only to thrust into her again. He was fucking her, not making love to her as he had so many nights in his dreams, but fucking her hard and fast. Pumping his hips, he brought his hand up to take hold of her hair. He pulled it until her head bowed back. Her mouth hung open as soft moans passed between her lips. Her walls clenched around him as her hips moved back to meet his thrusts.
    The sound of wet flesh filled his ears as the silken cocoon around him simulated Rena’s body, tightening around his shaft, stroking the hardened rod with soft, soothing pumps. He could almost believe that Rena’s pussy was wrapped around his heated flesh. The blanket rolled and plucked his nipples, delved between the cheeks of his ass to tease the puckered bud of his anus. Soft, silken hands rolled and tugged his balls

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