Bad Things

Bad Things by Varian Krylov Read Free Book Online

Book: Bad Things by Varian Krylov Read Free Book Online
Authors: Varian Krylov
    “Fuck. Fuck that feels good,” James huffed, desperately trying to fuck Xavier’s closed fist.
    Xavier took his hands away. Abandoned James’s cock. Left his hole empty. Watched him looking as Xavier stretched a condom over the rigid length of his cock, that bright point of apprehension back in his eyes. But he kept looking while Xavier lubed up his dick, stroking it slowly for a few seconds, taunting James, tormenting himself.
    As soon as Xavier moved up against him, James went rigid. Xavier leaned in, until the full length of their bodies were pressed together. Calves. Thighs. Pelvis to ass. Belly and chest to back. Cheek to cheek. He could hear James’s nervous breathing, shallow and fast.
    “ Tell me you want it,” Xavier whispered.
    A long silence. Then, “Yes.” Voice tight.
    “No. I want to hear you say it.”
    A slow, deep inhale. Then, “I want you to fuck me.”
    “Are you hard for me?”
    “ Fuck, yes.”
    He licked, sucked, bit James’s ear, got him sighing and squirming, rubbed the aching head of his cock back and forth in the furrow of the cop’s thick, firm ass, then settled in at his hole. James was trembling under him, maybe more with tensing his body and gripping the back of the sofa than with real fear.
    “Take a breath. Relax your body. And here,” he said, nudging and rubbing at the tight band of muscle, “bear down a little.”
    Then he sank into him, cautiously, slowly, James’s body yielding reluctantly, that hesitant dilation, his muscles grasping the girth of Xavier’s cock as he pushed deeper.
    “Fuck. God,” James huffed.
    He wasn’t even half way there, but he pulled back slowly before pushing into him again, inch by inch.
    “Oh god. Xavier, fuck.” Sweat on his temples, face darkening as he flushed with the strain. But he’d say something, if he couldn’t take it.
    Xavier eased the rest of the way in, until his pelvis pressed against that juicy rump.
    “That’s good, James.”
    Xavier mouthed and bit behind his jaw, under his ear, then flexed. James grasped at the upholstery, practically clawing it.
    “Can you take more?”
    Without waiting for an answer, Xavier drew back, and drove his cock home again in one long, deep stroke.
    James grunted fretfully, but when Xavier went still, his impaled ass rocked and writhed.
    “ So impatient? Already?” Xavier teased, and thrust into him, driving a startled whimper out of him.
    Sliding his hands around James’s broad chest, he found his nipples, and gave them a tug as he hit home again. And again.
    “Oh fuck. Touch my cock.”
    “ No.”
    Xavier started really fucking him, loving the hollow clap of their bodies slapping together with each thrust.
    One of James’s hands slipped off the back of the couch, and when he went for his cock, Xavier caught his wrist and pinned it next to the other on the sofa.
    “ Fuck, Xavier. Come on,” James laughed, but there was a note of desperation underneath. “I’m so fucking hard it hurts. I need to come.”
    “ Do you?”
    Xavier pressed down on James’s back with his chest, changed the angle between them, and plunged deep, driving a long, warbling wail out of the man under him.
    “You want me to make you come?” Xavier panted, burrowing into him again. Again.
    James yelped and squirmed, digging his nails into the back of the couch where Xavier had both his hands pinned in place. Yep, he definitely had the spot.
    “Jesus. I can’t. Too much.” Each word huffed out between gasps on a shallow burst of air.
    “ It’s okay. I’m almost done.” Fresh hot flare in his groin radiating out from his moment of sadism.
    Relentless. Grinding into him, pumping deep on each urgent thrust, biting the tender meat at the base of his neck. Both of them burning and sweating, their bodies slipping and sliding against each other, the wet clap of the flesh slapping as Xavier rode him, James’s eyes squeezed closed, mouth stretched wide as if he were crying out, but there were just

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