Bearing the Black Ice (Ice Bear Shifters Book 4)
and find an out of the way room where we can spend the night. The warmer it is, the better. We’ll be more comfortable, and the Blizzards won’t want to hang around a warmer area too long. It will bother their heat-sensitive side too much. I’m afraid that if we hang around in the colder areas of the cave, we’re going to eventually run into more of them.”
    Hannah nodded, and started following Alan back in the direction they had come from.
    “What do we do from here?” Hannah asked. “I mean, as long as we fly under the radar enough that the Blizzards don’t figure out that we’re here, we’ll be okay. There’s plenty of food and warmth near the greenhouse. Not dying of starvation is an improvement, but I’d still like to escape from here, if possible.”
    Alan laughed. “Oh, don’t worry. Getting out of here is my top priority. For one thing, it’s not safe as long as Blizzards are roaming around. And, for another thing, I’m still worried about my clan member, Ryker, and his soon-coming cub. I need to get back to help protect them.” Then Alan lowered his voice and gave Hannah a sultry look. “Besides, I’d like the chance to give you a proper fuck, without freezing temperatures, sharp rocks, and roaming Blizzards getting in the way.”
    Hannah bit her bottom lip, and Alan leaned over to plant a kiss on her forehead. The sparks of chemistry when their skin met could have literally ignited a fire. Alan let his hand slide to Hannah’s lower back and gave her a gently push forward.
    “Let’s go, gorgeous,” he said. “I’ll explain my plan while we walk.” Hannah nodded and started walking, and Alan began outlining his idea.
    “As you saw, there are several main tunnels branching off from the main room. We just determined that there’s no escape route in this one, as far as we can tell. But one of more of those main tunnels must have a path to the surface. The Blizzards obviously must live near that entrance. It puts them reasonably close to both the outside world and a huge food source. We’ll explore a different tunnel every day until we find one with an exit. In the meantime, we’ll have food and warmth. Simple.”
    Hannah rolled her eyes at him. “Yes, simple. What could possibly go wrong, other than the entire Blizzard clan figuring out where we are and chewing us to pieces down here.”
    Alan shrugged. “Details, details. Besides, do you have a better idea for a plan?”
    Hannah sheepishly shook her head no, and Alan smirked at her as they continued walking. They kept making their way back through the tunnel, until they estimated they were about a fifteen minute walk from the main greenhouse room. Taking a random side tunnel, they followed it until it predictably dead ended into a small, rocky room.
    They set up camp for the night, laying out the extra clothes to make a bed. They feasted on raw vegetables, which felt decadent after nearly starving on meager portions of protein bars. As soon as they were done eating, they lay down on the makeshift bed. Although the rocky floor still offered little in the way of comfort, at least they weren’t nearly freezing to death anymore.
    As they lay down together, Hannah snuggled up against Alan’s chest and he put her arms around her.
    “How are you feeling?” he whispered to her in the darkness, brushing strands of hair behind her ears.
    “Much better today. I think I’m on the mend,” she whispered back.
    “I’m so glad to hear it,” he replied, then wrapped his arms tighter around her. He couldn’t stop the passion flowing through his body from causing an erection, but he didn’t make a move to undress her. There would be time for that later. Right now she needed her rest. They actually had a realistic chance of making it out of here, but they needed to be ready for whatever obstacles they might still face.

Chapter Eight
    Alan and Hannah spent the next several days exploring the nearby tunnels, only to be faced with dead end after

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