Binding Magic (An Obscure Magic Book 7)

Binding Magic (An Obscure Magic Book 7) by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online

Book: Binding Magic (An Obscure Magic Book 7) by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic, Adult, dragon, Erotic Romance, shapeshifter
    “Where is she now?”
    Norman cleared his throat. “I believe she is in Redbird City.”
    Zemuel groaned silently. It would take time to get an audience with Matthias. “Ask Matthias if I may enter his territory and clear my path with permissions.”
    “Yes, my lord.” Norman was grinning, which was not like him.
    “Why are you smirking?”
    “If you want the lady’s address, my lord, she left her bag when she departed.”
    Zemuel stared at him. “Her bag?”
    “Her luggage. It has a name tag on it, complete with address.”
    He grinned. “Record the address and send the luggage to her via courier.”
    “Yes, my lord. I am on it.”
    Norman spread his wings and flew out of the centre of the building, heading for the nearest balcony to reach the guest tower.
    Zemuel paused the video and zoomed in on Minerva’s face. She had done a good job wiping herself from his memories. He would just have to learn her body all over again.
    Thinking about her curves made him eager to get to Redbird City to meet with her again. His body still smelled of musk and honey. He wanted to taste her and see if his instinct was right. Was she as sweet as she smelled?

Chapter Seven
    Minerva was washing the dishes when she heard the knock at the door. Her mother was at the horticultural society, so she headed to answer the door.
    The young male was dressed in a precisely pressed suit. He had two parcels, and he presented them with a smile. “Ms. Rogati?”
    “These are for you. Courtesy of Zemuel. I was told to mention that you might have been missing the luggage.”
    She took her bag and felt the blood drain from her face. “Thank you.”
    “Oh, the other bag is from Mr. Norman. He said you might need it for the next time.”
    She set her carryon aside and took the box. “Thank you. Wait and I will get my wallet.”
    The young man held up his hands. “No. No need. Trust me, working for Lord Zemuel pays exceptionally well.”
    He bobbed a bow and turned on his heel, heading for the black sedan.
    He hadn’t just hired a courier company; he had sent his own man to deliver it.
    She stood for a moment as if rooted to the spot before she retreated to the inside of her home. She was shaking as she brought the bag to her room and set the box down on her bed.
    He knew where she lived.
    Why hadn’t she taken the luggage with her when she left?
    She stared at the bag accusingly but then turned her gaze to the box. There was a wide black ribbon holding the box shut, and when she pulled it apart, a gown encrusted with jewels, embroidery and flowing silk lifted from the cardboard.
    “Oh, my.”
    The fabric was a rich grey, and the pearls and stones were also in the same hue. The bodice was rigid, and when she flipped it over, the lacing up the back would leave a lot of her skin exposed. The skirt would throw her limbs into light shadow but not cover them. It was the opposite of what she normally wore. The opaque nature of her wardrobe was a matter of pride.
    There was a letter in the box and a note. As Lord Zemuel was not kind with your clothing, I offer this to replace it. Yours, Norman.
    She stroked the fabric and smiled before suspicion reared up, and she checked it for spell work. It hummed with energy, but it wasn’t enchanted.
    It had been six days since she had been with the dragon, and the memories still woke her with her skin flushed and her thighs slick.
    She folded the gown back into the box and stroked it before she put the lid back on. It would just have to sit on her shelf until she got drunk enough before she went out to put it on.
    Wearing that gown would be like wearing smoke. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, so she put it away.
    How Norman knew about the shredded clothing was probably an educated guess based on Zemuel’s past behaviour.
    The box was tucked onto a shelf in her closet, and she grabbed her phone to check her schedule. She was going to take over for a friend at a

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