Book 08 - Petty Pewter Gods

Book 08 - Petty Pewter Gods by Glen Cook Read Free Book Online

Book: Book 08 - Petty Pewter Gods by Glen Cook Read Free Book Online
Authors: Glen Cook
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery
middle. It will stretch as long as you need it to.”
    “That’s one handy piece of rope.”
    “Yes. It is.” She stopped when she had twenty-five
feet of cord. “It can be used as a garrote, too.”
    “I saw that right off.” It looked very much like the
ritual garrotes the Kef sidhe use to carry out their holy
    “Pay attention. To shorten it you rumple it all up in a
ball, so.” The cord crushed up small. She rolled the wad
around on her palms, grabbed the ends that were sticking out,
pulled. The cord was four feet long again.
    She stretched it to ten feet. “If you need more than one
piece of line, tie a slip knot in the middle, so. Pull out a loop
as long as you need. Cut the loop right at the knot.” She
held cord and knot with two hands. Another hand clipped the cord
with a thin knife. Yet another hand dealt with the second piece of
cord, which she handed to me. She dropped one end of what was left,
grabbed the knot and slid it right to the end.
    I had seen this trick’s cousin before. It was in the
arsenal of most street conjurers. Only it didn’t seem to be a
trick this time.
    She took the cord back from me, wadded, rolled, had one
four-foot piece again. “I will want this back.”
    “Darn! I was afraid of that.”
    She eyed me sharply. “I’ll show you one more thing.
For you this is likely to be its most useful facility.”
    She stretched the cord to six feet, tied a small bowline at one
end, ran the other end through the resulting loop, forming a large
noose. She set the circle of cord on the carpet, stepped inside,
lifted the cord. Everything of her below the rising cord vanished.
In a moment there were just hands floating in the air. Those
disappeared as she pulled the loop shut. “Pull the cord
inside but leave it hanging.” I could hear her fine.
    “That’s astounding.”
    “There is still one little hole up high where someone can
see inside. You must be careful about making sounds. You can be
heard. If you take reasonable precautions neither people nor
animals should be able to scent you.” A knot appeared in the
air. Fingers poked through, expanded the loop outward. It
    Magodor stepped out. She untied the bowline, handed me the cord.
Her fingers were soft and hot, but I jerked away from the prick of
a talon as sharp as a razor. She raised a finger to her lips.
    I pulled that cord around my waist the way she had worn it. It
stayed in place without any special tucking or tying. I
couldn’t see it but could feel it. I observed, “The
sands are running. How do I get out of here?” See? No
commitment at all. Any she heard she made up herself out of wishful
    The guy who had driven the coach floated out of a shadow. I had
not suspected his presence. Magodor was pleased by my surprise.
“Show Mr. Garrett to the street.”
    Abyss looked at me from eyes that were leagues away inside his
hood. The air grew cold. I got the reeling he resented being forced
to bother with me. I thought of a couple of cracks but doubted he
had the brain or sense of humor to understand. And I still had to
get out of there.
    As I left that room, Magodor said, “Be careful. The Shayir
are desperate and dangerous.”
    “Right.” The Godoroth, of course, were just playful
    I encountered several servants before leaving the house,
startling every one. None paid Abyss any mind, though one who
passed close by suffered one of those unexpected chills that
sometimes fall upon you for no obvious reason.
    Abyss never said a word. I felt his eyes upon me for a long time
after I got my feet onto cobblestones.

    Just playful puppies, the Godoroth.
    I moved fast for a few blocks, just to get some distance. Then I
stopped to get my bearings.
    I had been right. The place was right up there. I didn’t
recognize the particular house, out it wouldn’t take much
effort to find out who owned it. I wondered if I should bother.
Knowing might be too scary.
    Before I moved on, I

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