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Book: Boss by Jodi Cooper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jodi Cooper
clear and focused on that rather than the third, fourth and fifth landing of the straps.
    The smell of leather was carried on the wind, and the sound of the flogger reaching out for her soft skin broke the silence.
    "You handle this very well," he complimented her.
    He had known plenty of submissives who broke long before this point, and she was still standing strong with her spine straight and her eyes focused on the flame of the nearest candle on the dresser.
    He wondered what she was thinking about while she was being flogged and decided he would consider asking her about it later this evening once they were done.
    "Thank you, sir," Hannah responded as the presence of his voice pulled her from her zone, and her focus wavered from the candle to his words.
    Hannah was thankful that he seemed to be done punishing her as the blows came further and further between, and then eventually stopped altogether.
    She heard him set the flogger down on the little wooden bedside table and come back over to her.
    She was glad it was over and done with for the time being, even if it hadn't been as bad as she had imagined.
    Oddly enough she had actually enjoyed certain aspects of him flogging her.
    She liked the way the leather smelled and the way it sped through the air before connecting with her body.
    She liked the sting of the leather straps against her skin but mostly she enjoyed the heat that pulsed from each of the welts that he was creating on her backside as they rang with sensation and sensitivity.
    Hannah couldn't help herself but jump a little when Nathan ran his fingers over the angry red marks where the flogger had hit her and given her goose bumps, where the heat was radiating out of her under his touch, and he lightly touched it with his tender hands.
    He was careful not to put too much strength into it.
    Breaking the skin would have been too much for her.
    Perhaps it would have been too much for him as well.
    Striking her did not make him feel good.
    He had no sadistic bones in his body.
    Punishment was used just for that - punishment.
    Sometimes he liked to add a little bit of roughness into the play just because the added danger and power amped up the energy in the room.
    Hannah felt his fingers on her back, her ass, her hips and then the sensation changed.
    First it was his fingers and then it was his soft, slightly wetted lips that kissed over the red spots with a tenderness that caught her off guard.
    From the flogger to his mouth, he gave her everything he had in him.
    'Now if only he would do that with his heart,' Hannah thought as his tongue snuck out and ran over one of the red areas on her lower back.
    "Now, as promised, I want to reward you for handling that so well and with such grace and submission. Your obedience is truly an amazement and to be commended."
    Hannah was nervous about what was next.
    Is it going to be more dangerous…

Chapter Fifteen

Nathan stood up from the floor and took her hands leading her to the bed.
    He propped her up on the mattress edge and crouched between her legs, spreading her shapely thighs and supporting them with his shoulders as he moved between her legs.
    Nathan used his fingers to spread her pussy lips and his mouth caught the little pearl of her clitoris as he licked and sucked it into a tight throbbing bud.
    Nathan felt her toes curl on his shoulders as her pussy clenched and tightened in pleasure.
    Slipping a finger inside of her and then two he continued to please her with his mouth.
    She tasted heavenly.
    A darkly sweet mixture of female and a natural light peach aroma that made him want to stay between her legs for hours.
    "Oh…"she sighed as he started swirling his fingers lightly to the left and right while his tongue worked magic on her button.
    Using his hands and tongue he increased the tempo and had her moaning, begging him for more and aching for his body.
    As much as he wanted to give himself to

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