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Book: Boss by Jodi Cooper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jodi Cooper
her, he had a feeling that now wasn't the right time to do so.
    Her back arched and her pussy fluttered quickly and strongly around his fingers as she came.
    Looking up at her as she bit her lip waiting for him to undress and join her in bed was the most temptation Nathan had faced in current memory.
    'Why is it so hard to resist this woman?' he asked himself as he stood up and used a towel to clean himself.
    His erection was throbbing and begging for release, but he put that on the back burner.
    Taking her hands he put her into the built-in cuffs that attached to the headboard and closed the clasps around her wrists, keeping her locked up tight.
    As he usually tended to do, he left her legs free from any restraint and allowed her to keep them uncuffed.
    "I want you to stay right here and think about all of this while I tend to some business-related calls."
    He looked at the clock on the wall and then double-checked his watch to make sure it was right.
    "You're leaving me here?" she asked with concern in her voice that was not very well masked.
    "For a little while, yes."
    Nathan checked that he had his cell phone and kissed her hard on the lips before he went to the door.
    "Behave," he told her and left her in the room while he went to his office on the other side of the penthouse.
    "I can't believe he left me tied to the bed," she said in complete shock. 
    She pulled at the cuffs but they were steady.
    So she lay there…

Chapter Sixteen

Having the clock on the opposite side of the room in view of where she lay immobilized made it harder on Hannah.
    She watched the seconds tick away into minutes and after twenty minutes of lying there wondering when he was coming back, she started to worry that he wasn't going to or that he forgot about her here.
    “What would happen if he forgot I was in here and went back to the estates for the rest of the week? What if he doesn't come back for me? How do I get out of this?"
    Her heart was beating faster as she pulled on the cuffs and tried to squeeze her hand out from the metal enclosure to no avail.
    When an hour passed she started to panic.
    She was ready to start banging the headboard into the wall in an attempt to catch someone's attention on another floor.
    'How mortifying,' she thought of being discovered by a stranger in her naked, cum-covered state while she was cuffed to the bed in her boss's penthouse in the middle of the day.
    Thankfully at that moment just before she resigned herself to complete and utter humiliation the door opened, and Nathan came back in, checking his watch.
    "Hello, Hannah. I hope I didn't leave you too long. Business calls sometimes take a little longer than expected and they definitely went that direction this time," Nathan explained as he crossed the room to the bed and uncuffed her from the restraints.
    Hannah rubbed her wrists and looked up at him scornfully.
    That he would leave her for over an hour tied to the bed with no way out and no way to get in contact with him was irresponsible and terrifying.
    "I don't like that you left me restrained while you were gone. That worried me, and I feel like it was unsafe and completely irresponsible."
    She was honest with him and expressed her concerns without flying off the handle as much as she thought the situation would have justified that kind of reaction.
    "I'm sorry that I worried you, and I hear your concern. I was just down the hall in the office and would have come to release you had something occurred."
    Nathan tried to calm her, but she didn't seem to take solace in his words.
    "I don't want you to do that again," she made her point crystal clear to him.
    "Understood." Nathan nodded "I will honor that as a hard limit for you, and I will remember that you are not to be restrained with I am not in the room if that will make you feel better."
    She didn't feel like he was taking her seriously.
    It was

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