Boss by Jodi Cooper Read Free Book Online

Book: Boss by Jodi Cooper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jodi Cooper
as if he was toasting to her.
    "What if I don't want to be punished?" she asked, though the idea of him using that braided flogger on her didn't exactly make her want to run away and hide.
    "No one wants to be punished, Hannah. Although, I take that back, that's not entirely true of everyone. Some people enjoy the pain of a punishing strike. But punishment is about balance and maintaining control. Disobedience must be met with a consequence in order to be halted. It's basic behavioral therapy."
    Hannah thought about what he was telling her.
    She wasn't sure about the idea of punishments but the concept made sense to her.
    "Is everything clear now?”
    “Do you have any more questions?" Nathan asked her.
    "No, I think that's everything. I just wanted to understand."
    Hannah tried to mentally prepare herself for what was about to take place and find a place inside of her, a soothing memory to latch onto, to venture to when things began.
    "Good girl. Then we'll begin now. I want you to stand up and take your clothes off."
    Nathan watched as she got up and began unfastening the buttons on her white dress shirt.
    She slowly revealed the sweet skin beneath the cotton barrier, and he enjoyed watching inch-by-inch her body be delivered to him.
    He made a sound of approval in his throat as she slipped out of her pants and stood in her paisley pink bra and panty set.
    "All of it," he urged her to continue.
    She unhooked her bra and let it fall away from her breasts.
    Her nipples hardening in the heavily air conditioned room.
    Her fingers looped around her panties and lowered them down, letting them drop to the floor, leaving her entirely bare before him as he sat in his suit sipping brandy with the flogger still in his hand.
    Nathan loved seeing her naked.
    If he had the opportunity, he would keep her that way as often as possible in his house.
    She would be available for him.
    On display for him.
    For use by him whenever he desired her without barriers and without hassle.
    "Come here," he curled his finger to her and pointed next to the arm of the chair.
    Hannah obeyed and stood next to the chair.
    Nathan ran the flogger up between her thighs.
    The smoothness of the leather caressing her legs until he stopped at her wetness.
    "Such a good girl."
    His fingers spread her lips and ran over her slick pussy.
    Hannah watched as his cock began to harden in his pants.
    She could see it pressing more and more firmly against the fabric the harder he became.
    She wanted him on an intensely desperate level already.
    "Turn around," he told her.
    She listened and faced the doorway where she had come in.
    Hannah knew what was coming and tried to think of anything else that would take her mind away from the bite of the leather and the stinging pressure that was sure to accompany each throw of the flogger.
    Hannah listened to him stand from the chair and set his glass down again.
    He took a few steps around to the side of her so that he was at an angle when he was facing her.
    "Remember that this is for your own good," Nathan said in a low voice.
    Hannah thought about the changes in his tone.
    His voice always seemed a little deeper when he was aroused.
    The first lick of the flogger hit her back on her right shoulder blade and she sucked in a hard breath.
    Even though she had expected it, she hadn't quite be prepared for the kiss of the straps.
    Her focus went back to him.
    The way his voice changed when he was aroused.
    The way his cock hardened when he saw her naked and ready for him.
    The way he waited for her with all of these beautiful candles lit like a romance and flogged her like a criminal.
    The second lick landed across the curve of her ass.
    She felt the goose bumps as they erupted over the area, and she had a feeling it was going to welt over before he was done with her.
    Surprisingly it didn't hurt as much as she had anticipated.
    Taking a deep breath, she tried to keep her mind

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