BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella)

BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella) by London Casey, Karolyn James Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella) by London Casey, Karolyn James Read Free Book Online
Authors: London Casey, Karolyn James
though. ”
    “ You
talked to Apollo? ”
    “ Yeah. ”
    “ Then
you already know everything you ’ re
supposed to know, ” Kami
said. “ So you can either
get drunk and fuck some chick, or you can do me a favor. ”
    Jake looked around the bar as
though he was considering what to do. Inside, he was already on a motorcycle,
flying through the streets, trying to find Keira.
    “ I
don ’ t have a ride, ” Jake said. “ I hitched and walked here,
remember? ”
    “ I ’ ve got you covered, brother, ” Kami said.
    Brother. A sign of respect.
    Kami presented Jake with a set of
keys. “ Third from the left
right outside the bar, ” Kami said. “ Full tank. Part
of my collection. She ’ s
yours for now. ”
    Jake and Kami bumped fists. “ Thanks, Kami. Hey, this cartel
stuff … this is serious. Why
did you guys vote it in? ”
    “ Cash, ” Kami said. “ Dumb cash. We had a rough
stretch with some of the locals coming down on us. Some political shit happened
and it restructured the jurisdictions for three counties. That put eyes and
heat on us. So we thought we ’ d
have cash and protection. They just wanted a path for distribution. ”
    “ And
you guys fought back, ” Jake
    “ Is
there any other way to do it? ” Kami asked with a grin. “ You
fucking live to die, brother. And then you die to live. We aren ’ t running out of town. I ’ ll die right here. ”
    Jake nodded. He was starting to respect
Rusted Devil more and more now. They had made a couple bad decisions but it
didn ’ t seem they were out
there trying to hurt anyone. They weren ’ t
expanding into other territories. They weren ’ t
leading the cartel from club to club, destroying everyone. They were in trouble
and unsure what to do.
    Right then and there Jake knew he
could have went to the spot where he buried his leather cut and leave a note
for Back Down Devil MC. Tell them that if anything Rusted Devil MC needed
support to keep the cartel back. If that happened, Jake knew the ending. Miller
would call him back to the clubhouse and they ’ d
wait for the cartel to finish off Rusted Devil MC. Then the cartel would have
whatever distribution channel they wanted and they ’ d stay away. Or Miller would give the go to attack
Rusted Devil MC and patch over as Back Down Devil MC to hold the line against
the cartel.
    Either way, it put Keira in danger.
    That ’ s
all Jake thought about as he rode the dark and quiet streets, following the
directions Kami had given him. He wanted to know more about Keira and he wanted
her to get the hell out of town. Hell, maybe even go to the Back Down Devil MC
clubhouse for protection.
    Are you serious?
    It needed to stop. The thoughts
needed to stop for good. Keira was beautiful and the only reason she was stuck
in Jake ’ s head was because
he hadn ’ t fucked her. There
was  one easy way to fix all of it.
    Jake throttled the motorcycle and
sped up. He gritted his teeth.
    The new plan for tonight?
    Get to Keira ’ s apartment and finish
what had been started earlier in the day.

eleven .
    Keira remembered everything Kami
had ever told her and everything she had seen.
    Always do what you ’ re told. Chances are,
they ’ re more
afraid of the situation than you are.
    This guy wasn ’ t afraid.
    This guy was big and mean.
    The first thing he did was slap
Keira right across the face. That sent her flying into the kitchen counter. She
caught herself from falling. The guy was then behind her, a hand around her
stomach, pulling her close.
    That ’ s
when Kami ’ s words came back
to her.
    That ’ s the least of what they ’ ll do.
    So, yeah, they weren ’ t going to torture Keira like
they would a man. They would touch her, go after her, use her body for whatever
they wanted.
    But the guy didn ’ t do anything else like that.
    He turned, threw Keira at the
table, and then commanded her to sit.
    “ What
do you know? ” the man
    “ About
what? ” Keira asked.
    “ About

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