BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella)

BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella) by London Casey, Karolyn James Read Free Book Online

Book: BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella) by London Casey, Karolyn James Read Free Book Online
Authors: London Casey, Karolyn James
know I make big decisions. They know we ’ re
going to come for them. Apollo has always been insistent on not having baggage …”
    “ And
I ’ m your baggage? ” Keira asked, feeling a little
    “ Not
like that, sis. ”
    “ But
I am. So, let ’ s make a
deal. If they come after me, I tell them nothing and you do nothing. You do
nothing to get me back. Let them kill me. ”
    “ That ’ s the least of what they ’ ll do, ” Kami said.
    Keira gasped. She rushed and
slapped the beer bottle from Kami ’ s
hand. The bottle hit the floor and shattered.
    “ Hey! ” Kami yelled. “ Fuck. Keira. ”
    “ Fuck
off, ” Keira said. “ I ’ m
out of here. ”
    She stormed from the back and
grabbed her bag. She tossed it over her shoulder and went to the front of the
bar, something she never did. Her plan was to ask Jake to take her home. Or
escort her home. Or whatever. Then she could drag him inside - and he wouldn ’ t put up a fight -
and then she could waste the rest of the night away the right way.  Like a wild
fantasy come to life.
    For a second, Keira caught herself
    Then she made it out to the front of
the bar.
    There was Jake, standing at one of
the pool tables. He had a beer and had the attention of Hale, Pitt, and Ax.
Yeah, Ax, the guy Jake had knocked out earlier. That ’ s how the biker life went. Ax was probably asking
Jake for pointers on how to fight. Or maybe Jake was trying to get information
on the snake pit.
    But that wasn ’ t all …
    There were three woman at the other
end of the pool table. One bitch grabbed a stick and walked around the table.
Cut off jeans into shorts, the pockets hanging down. A shirt that was made for
someone half her age. Everything blonde, fake, and Keira figured the bitch
probably acted stupid for attention.
    Bitch? You ’ re calling a stranger a
bitch? Why?
    Keira never felt jealousy for
    Then the woman - the bitch -
offered the pool stick to Jake and then had him standing behind her to help
take a shot. She thrust her ass back against him and wiggled it, looking back,
    “ Fuck
this, ” Keira whispered and
she stormed for the door.
    Outside, she rushed to her car. She
half expected to have Kami chase after her. To demand she stay. If he did, she
would have stayed. She knew it was dangerous to leave the bar, even with Rusted
Devil in its frail state.
    Then she thought of Jake standing
behind that bitch. Like the woman didn ’ t
know how to use a fucking pool stick, right? Bullshit. She just wanted to
wiggle her tight little ass against Jake. And it would probably work for him,
too. He ’ d probably get
hard, keep throwing back beer and whiskey, and then end up fucking her.
    By the time Keira got to her car,
she was livid. Part of her considered driving the car right into the bar.
    But she went home.
    Home in the sense that she
had a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. Not the home Keira had always
wanted to have. A regular home. A home with a regular family.
    Nothing about her life was regular
    And it only got worse.
    When she opened the door and
stepped inside, she was greeted by a stranger … who was holding a gun.

ten .
    Jake felt the chick pressing her
ass against him. For Christ ’ s
sake, any decent man would get hard. Yeah, Jake was a decent man, but he didn ’ t like it. She wore too much
makeup, pushed her tits up too much, and she tried way too damn hard. Hell, if
she wanted it that bad she could have just grabbed at his dick and nodded.
    Then again …
    Fucking Keira.
    Fucking everything.
    Jake wished he would have had a few
more minutes with Keira. Then he could have gotten it all out of his system.
Turned her around and fucked her in the bathroom. Instead, he had her lingering
on him. He couldn ’ t stop
thinking of her and she was a very welcomed distraction because Rusted Devil MC
was in bad shape.
    Nobody knew their thumbs from their
dicks and nobody had a real plan on what to do about the cartel.

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