Bronwyn Scott's Sexy Regency Bundle

Bronwyn Scott's Sexy Regency Bundle by Bronwyn Scott Read Free Book Online

Book: Bronwyn Scott's Sexy Regency Bundle by Bronwyn Scott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bronwyn Scott
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Contemporary, Collections & Anthologies
with vehemence and silently declared war on The Cat. Her latest antics demanded nothing less. She would learn at the Christmas who ran things in this part of the world, if he didn't catch her sooner. Already, the inklings of a plan were forming in his mind. He couldn't find The Cat, but he could find her trail and Eleanor Habersham seemed the most likely place to start. The Cat had mentioned her by name and Eleanor had all the signs of a woman who had something to hide.
    Adrenaline still coursed through her as Nora slipped into the Grange's
    That had been fun! She'd pricked Stockport's temper and his interest, if those parted lips were to be believed.
    He'd wanted her to
    'Where have you been?' Hattie's stern tone sapped Nora's smugness. Her post-raid elation faded at the sight of Hattie standing in the
    doorway, arms folded and foot tapping in
    'I've been to Stockport's for the ring, just as I told you.'
    Nora tried a smile and jiggled the soft felt pouch containing her prize. Hattie was not fazed.
    'It took much longer than anticipated,' Hattie continued her interrogation, moving to the stove to heat a kettle of water.

    There'd be no escaping Hattie's questions now if the woman had her mind on tea and conversation. Nora knew the signs and humbly took a seat at the long work table. 'The Earl and I had a little chat,' Nora confessed.
    Hattie slapped a plate of sugar biscuits down on the table next to Nora and sniffed. 'From the smell of it, I'd say you'd had a drink, too. Getting above yourself a bit, aren't you, with the likes of him?'
    Nora bristled. 'What is your point, exactly? The man needed taking down a notch. You should have seen his face when I drank down his fine brandy in a single swallow.'
    Hattie put down the tea things and stood back from the table, hands on wide hips. 'My point is, why did you do it? You could have gotten the ring without Stockport knowing you were there. Instead, you risked everything for a few prideful moments of confrontation. What if he'd called for help?'
    'He didn't call for help. I knew I'd be safe or I wouldn't have done it.' Nora dismissed Hattie's complaint with a heavy sigh.
    There was no sense in confessing to the moment's trepidation she'd felt when he'd gone to pour the drinks with the bell-pull hovering inches from his hand.
    'Safe? Because he let you go last night? Pardon me for saying so, but you're getting dicked in the nob if you think you're ever safe with a man like him. Those men think they own the world and everyone in it.'
    Hattie poured herself another cup of tea and turned her thoughts in a different direction, apparently done with scolding.
    'We have to be more cautious than ever. Our goal is in reach.
    The Cat is succeeding. While I was doing the shopping today, I heard that more of the investors are on the brink of pulling out. They're
    about the security of the mill. They fear that if The Cat can get to them so easily, The Cat will get to the mill and sabotage its construction. They aren't willing to risk their money further.'

    Pickpocket Countess
    'Or their reputations,' Nora said wryly over the rim of her teacup. 'Are Cecil Witherspoon and
    St John getting
    edgy finally? They have the most to lose as long as I am free.'
    That comment earned her a reprimand from Hattie. The woman shook her finger. 'You know I don't hold with blackmail. I've never liked the idea of you taking those documents out of Witherspoon's safe.'
    'It's not
    It's insurance,' Nora protested. 'Those documents prove the mill is unsafe and the contractors are deliberately cutting costs by using substandard products Nora smiled, remembering the thrill of the night she'd broken into Witherspoon's study and cracked his safe.
    A reliable source from town had sent word he'd overheard a
    about something murky on the mill's contract. He'd been right. From there, it wasn't a large leap of logic to see that Witherspoon had an insurance scam on his mind. He'd build the mill with

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